20 Things I Want To Tell My Twenty-Something Self

I have been reflecting on what I have learned so far in my thirties ( I am thirty-two years old). One of the most important things I have discovered is the importance of energy. What I spend my energy on: is it the right things for my family and me? And constantly evaluating what drains and gives me energy. That is probably a whole blog post on its own.

I have also started thinking about the last decade of my life, my twenties!

Previously I wrote about tips that can boost your careers in your twenties. Here are 20 things I want to tell my twenty-something self with regards to health, life and career.

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Here Are 20 Things I Want To Tell My twenty-something Self




1. Embrace your body

You are a size 6 (or a size 30) that will never happen again. Stay healthy and embrace your body.

2. You have fantastic skin now, look after it

Start some form of skin care regime now! Your reign of ‘Break out free skin’ comes to an end after you birth your first child.

3. Travel

Travel more; it becomes challenging when kids are in the picture.

4. Save

Make it a habit to learn and apply good, solid financial practices.

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5. Take a career risk

Trust me; it is okay. Just because you studied on thing does not mean you cannot explore other paths. A career is not a one-track road; it is a jungle gym.

6. Speak up and own your voice

All those times you kept silent, you had something to say. Always respect others, and speak your mind.

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7. Physical Health

Maintain your fitness levels, build healthy eating habits into your lifestyle.


8. Continue learning

Don’t be afraid to pick up a new course or anything you find interesting. Having a completed qualification does not mean you have to stop (unless you want to).

9. Don’t Overwork

Work will always be there. Your health, fitness, and relationships are important too.

10. Travel

A repeat because I cannot stress this enough.


11. Network

Say yes to networking opportunities even if you do not feel like it. You never know who you might come across.

12. When inspiration strikes, take notice

Pay attention to your body, mind, and soul. When you find something that brings you energy, excitement, and joy…pay attention. It is your own being (or the universe, or some higher being) telling you what you are passionate about. Listen and pay attention.

13. Cut out things and people that don’t serve you

Pay attention to things and people that drain you and remove it from your life.

14. Life is not a destination, but a journey

Enjoy and be present within each phase of your life.

15. Stop worrying about what others think

Actually, no one is thinking about you. People are too busy and involved in their own lives. Do you, and move swiftly along.

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16. Hangovers will be painful in your thirties

Hangovers are just not the same in your thirties. So, if you must go drinking, enjoy your young self. You can bounce back from pretty much anything at this age. In your thirties, not so much.

17. Do something with your hair, for goodness sake!

It took me to get to thirty-one years of age to finally colour my hair.

I know you want to.

So go ahead and experiment.

18. It won’t kill you to slap on some lipstick

Have fun with lipstick and makeup.

19. Always be you

Although, you are a bit strange. The people who matter will still want to hang around you.

20. Oh, and go ahead and marry that guy you are dating. He is a keeper.

And I did!

CHIME IN: What are your key take aways from your twenties?

Author: Cherralle

Mom, wife and career loving parent. This blog focus on career and work life topics for mothers.

5 thoughts on “20 Things I Want To Tell My Twenty-Something Self”

    1. Definitely I feel you can change or try something out much more easily in your twenties. Although not impossible later on. Thank you for stopping by Melissa.

  1. I love number 15. I spent so much time people were thinking about my weight or my teeth or my skin or my job….and in fact, nobody gives a crap. Everybody is too worried about themselves to think about you!

    I agree…I have probably had 2 hangovers since I turned 30 (7yrs ago!)…..I just cannot do it or think it’s worth it, when I have 3 kids for who life goes on, whether I’m hungover or not. lol

    Great list…and so true. I never did the travel thing…..

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