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Moms can have awesome careers too

Hello, I am Cherralle. I am a wife and mom, living and working in Johannesburg South Africa.  This blog focuses on real talk about being a working mom and includes fabulous career tips. It’s also about letting it be known that even if you are a mom it’s okay to want an awesome career too!

I believe the world would be a better place if:

  1. we give up on seeking perfection as parents
  2. working parents support each other and know that we are all facing similar struggles
  3. more women believed in their career and in so doing we will have more female leaders in government and businesses
  4. More dads played an equal part in their homes

That is me, take a look around.

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I love hearing from you guys, drop me a mail. You can also check me out on Instagram or follow me on twitter.

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