8 Tricky Interview Questions and How to Knock Them Out the Park

tricky interview questions

Job Interviews can be nerve-wracking and tricky interview questions can make one nervous. Having a solid CV and a decent LinkedIn Profile is what got you the interview, now you need to ace the interview. You do need to allow your unique personality to shine in the interview. However, it will be in your best interest […]

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10 Things a Working Mother Needs to Survive

working mother tips mother with baby

Being a working mom is tough. Dealing with work demands, family pressures and still making time for yourself is a huge task. But,  you do what you need to do to get things done, and you should feel proud.  Here are ten things a working mother needs to survive Reliable and safe care during the day for your child Having your child taken care of during the […]

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Parenting Humour: Confessing My 7 Parenting Double Standards

girl eating parenting humour

Parenting is all about being responsible and showing our kids the ‘right way’, however we must not forget the funny side of parenting. Always aim to bring in some parenting humour in all that  you do as a parent.  I always crack up at the funniest tweets from parents collated by the Huffington Post. I  mean I have to model […]

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7 Things A Working Mother Wants To Tell Her Boss

mother and son working mom

Being a working mother is not easy. Bias against mothers is one of the most potent forms of bias known to women. There are many things a working mother wants to tell her boss, but half the time don’t. I am lucky as my bosses are mothers (mostly) and that helps me a lot. However, many […]

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7 Things To Look For in a Job (besides salary)

woman laptop coffee salary

When looking for a job, salary is a critical element in your decisions making. However, a trend is emerging that people are assessing other features over and above salary. Also, by continuously making decisions based on money as the only driver, it may lead you down a career path that leaves you unfulfilled. Here are […]

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Is your terrible work life balance your boss’ fault? Plus free check list to help you figure it out

woman in jeans working mom

Work-life balance, having work and life on opposing sides with just the perfect amount of time spent on each side – is not achievable. This pursuit of perfection will never happen. Life is messy.  Instead, focus on building your unique lifestyle where you are okay with how you prioritize different elements of your life. That is a work-life  balance […]

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8 Career Tips That You Must Throw in the Trash (and what to do instead)

female photographer career advice

Seeking out career guidance can be a wise move. However, you also need to interrogate the advice and ensure it is valid. Always reflect on advice given and consider its applicability to you. Here are 8 pieces of advice, I believe we should all question. Handpicked Post: Six Hacks to Transform Your CV In Twenty Minutes […]

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