Bad Mom Confessions: My Child Swallowed a Birth Control Pill and 9 Other Parenting Fails

Bad Mom confessions do not make us neglectful moms. It means we are not perfect.

We make mistakes and sometimes things just happen!

Raising my girls is the toughest and the best part of my life.

So, my three year old swallowed a birth control pill! This is how it went down.


Last year, on a regular weekday morning my daughter kept on saying her tummy was sore. I brushed it off because she always says her stomach is sore.

Now looking back I feel terrible for not paying more attention.

As we arrived at school, she said: “mummy I want to throw up.”

Which she did.

After wiping her down as best as I could, we drove home immediately and she stayed home that day. We assumed she had a tummy bug. My husband stayed home the morning (took her to the doctor), and I took the afternoon off. As working parents, we made a plan.

I turned to Google in my time of need – Is this normal?

My daughter received medication from our family doctor.

By the time I arrived home at midday she was tons better. Eating and playing, almost back to her usual self.

As I was tidying the bedroom that same day, a few things clicked into place:

  1. My husband asked her the previous night if she had eaten a pill. He found a birth control pill packet on the floor. I couldn’t tell if any were missing as I stopped using them at that point. Anyway, we were satisfied she did not eat it and went on with things.
  2. Then on this day, I found half a pill lying on the floor as I was busy tidying up
  3. Add up the two previous points along with the nausea it became clear that she swallowed a birth control pill

As this realisation dawned on me, I did what any self-respecting parent does in that situation. I Googled the LIVING DAILY LIGHTS OUT OF ‘my child swallowed birth control pills’. It turns out, this has happened to quite a few people!

[bctt tweet=”I Googled the LIVING DAY LIGHTS OUT OF ‘my child swallowed birth control pills'” username=”cherralle_”]

We also checked in with our doctor.

Everything turned out fine – no harm was done.

Epic parenting fail! Here are 9 other Parenting Fails

Don’t judge! Tell me yours in the comments so we can be bad moms in solidarity.


1. Using the incorrect number of scoops

I made a milk bottle for my little one. Instead of using 5 scoops for 125 mls, I used 8 scoops. I remember this clearly. I was like – oh well!

2. Forgetting to send stuff to school

Forgetting to send show and tell on numerous occasions when my daughter was at playschool. I always missed the reminder from school! Playschool is not real school anyway.

3. Forgetting to pay for stuff

Forgot to pay our daughter’s drop off service for two months in a row…terrible. Luckily we have a good relationship with the company.

4. (Super) early bedtime

I put my kids to bed as early possible (the little one sometimes before 18h00), so I can be off ‘mommy duty’ and chill out

5. I lie about needing the bathroom

Sometimes when we are with the kids, I tell my husband that I need to go to the bathroom quickly when I don’t need to. I go to the bathroom and play on my phone.

bad mom confessions mommy blogger


6. Let them play in the cot

Sometimes when my Daughter wakes from a nap, I let her play in her cot. If she is okay I leave her. I can get sometimes another 30 minutes to an hour out of this situation.

7. I pretend to not notice the poo nappy

Sometimes when my daughter makes a number I pretend I don’t notice. I then ask my husband to check. As he discovers she made the poo, he must change the nappy.

8. When nap time turned dangerous

When my Daughter was between two and three years of age, she started dropping her nap. Nap time was challenging as she was sleeping in a ‘big kid bed’ meaning more freedom.

One day I put her down closed the bedroom door.

I went to relax in my bedroom. I felt so chuffed as I managed to get her to take a nap!

About 30 minutes later I heard something on the balcony. I walked to check, and guess who is playing on our balcony. Standing on a chair. Leaning over the railing! Having a field day on the freaking balcony! With a flimsy rail (well, any rail is flimsy when your two year old is standing on a chair, leaning over it). I was so frightened because she could have easily fallen over.

9. Bribery

When my child refuses to leave places, I bribe her. I promise to give her a sweet in the car.

There you have it, I am a bad mom

Being a parent is  NOT what we put out on Instagram. It is beautiful, exhausting and nasty at the same time.

Join me! Tell me in the comments, what is your bad mom moment?? 

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Author: Cherralle

Mom, wife and career loving parent. This blog focus on career and work life topics for mothers.

19 thoughts on “Bad Mom Confessions: My Child Swallowed a Birth Control Pill and 9 Other Parenting Fails”

  1. Oh man! I can relate to so many of these 😂😂 especially the ‘hiding in the loo’ and dodging the poo nappy situation 😜 You’re not a bad Mum and neither am I. These things happen. Great post!

  2. Love this! You are an awesome mom! Lol uhm, my child fell off the bed last night, I didn’t even hear anything my husband was freaking out and I was like what is going on?? 🙈 Obviously I felt like crap. But no bruises. I stayed up with him sleeping on my chest for a while to make up… I regretted it today though…

    1. Shame that must have so traumatic him falling off the bed. Glad he has no bruises and hope you had a big coffee to recover from the night time antics 🙂

  3. Me…number 7 everyday….. Have changed maybe 20 poo nappies between 3 kids with this tactic over 9yrs. LMAO. True story.

    My son swallowed an anti-depressant/sleeping pill (not mine). About half if I discount what he spat up. I was out of my mind stressed, but when I called casualty they weren’t too concerned. He was only 1 at the time. We’ve all been there and thankfully..lived to tell the tale!


    1. Thanks Simone🙂 wow for the pill! Yeah these things happen and we live to tell the tale. Re the nappies – I avoid it like the plague . Thanks for commenting

  4. Oh gosh that balcony story is scary! Lots of things gone wring here. This week I burnt my daughter’s finger with dry ice, I was treating her wart and I sort of missed it and half froze her finger tip instead. It really hurt her and the instructions said that you need to contact the doctor if it stays sore. I wasn’t sure how sore is sore!! (I’m always feeling bad for NOT running to the doctor). Anyway it was fine the next day, she still has her finger (and the wart)! #lekkerlinky

    1. Awhh man glad it worked out. But the wart is here to stay for now 🙂Yes balcony was a huge scare. Thank you for commenting

  5. Number 7, LOL! My confession: if something falls on the floor (at home) , I still allow my kids to eat it. There are loads more haha!

  6. I had a good laugh reading this and thinking that I’m a bad mom too 🙂 We are all just trying our best to keeping the little people alive and to survive the realness that is parenting!

    Still today I screw up the scoops…And I leave Troll to “self-soothe” and play in his cot for a while before and after nap times… I actually think my Dude uses the bathroom escape on me.LOL

  7. Must have been very scary in that exact moment. Luckily our kids have lots of guardian angels looking after them. We all forget stuff and the kids survive. You are not alone in this. 🙂 #lekkerlinky

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