Life Lately Update and Why I Am Writing a Blog for Working Moms

I started writing on the blog about two months ago, and I wanted to share an update of how this has been going. In this post, I will cover:

  • why i write
  • why i want to write about working moms and their careers
  • currently reading, watching, anticipating and feeling


I write.

Writing has given me an opportunity to share thoughts on parenting and working motherhood.  At times I feel as if I am bearing my soul, it is sometimes scary to push that publish button.

I learnt from South African blogger Melissa in 9 Lessons I Learnt in my first year of Being a Blogger that feeling scared at this juncture happens.

Why do I want to write about moms and careers? Because moms deserve awesome careers too.

I often come across women (including me) who:

    • work hard but who are afraid of starting a family as they fear it will damage their career
    • pressurize themselves (and each other) to be perfect
    • talented women, not claiming their space at work because of myths that ambition is not for ‘mothers’
    • Guilt around not being “mom” enough and guilt around not spending enough time at work

Is it hard being a working parent? Yes, nothing worth it in life is easy but it is also very rewarding. I do not  have the answer to these dilemmas, what I do know is that we need to be okay to talk about it.

Whatever you decide as a woman, you need to do what works for you and your family.

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Posts that people responded well to:

Do I Still Need to Lean In When I Am Just So Tired

Will Gender in Kids Clothes Every Go Away and Should We Even Care

I Am Okay with Being a Good Enough Parent (in SA Mom Blogs)

This demonstrates that people are enjoying reading about real accounts where personal experiences are being shared.

The blog

Having a blog is work, boy oh boy! To maintain my blog, I am writing, reading, commenting on blogs, and always researching trying to figure out how to change something ‘technical’ on my blog.  I feel at times like my blog is a third child in my life, it needs love, attention and time. It’s an intense hobby.

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I read more now than I ever have in my entire life. Topics I read about: content marketing, social media, writing, motherhood, career topics, digital marketing, any topic to broaden my knowledge. The blogging community is very engaged and supportive, and I am learning a lot from them.


Reading: Shonda Rhimes – Year of Yes and am about half way. It is a very entertaining read and I now I cannot put it down (after a super slow start). I am in love with this book.

Watching: Game of Thrones (duh!)

Anticipating: we have a week of holiday coming up, so I am looking forward to this. Also, Caitlyn turns four in September, and Ava turns one in October! Insane how quickly time has flown by!

Feeling: Feeling excited about all the new things that I am learning, and all the new people that I am meeting (albeit virtually).  I am also feeling appreciative about people responding to my blog, and hearing that something resonated with them.

That is me.

If you are a working mom, what topics would you want to see in a blog that will add value to your life and career? Let me know in the comments or contact me.

Author: Cherralle

Mom, wife and career loving parent. This blog focus on career and work life topics for mothers.

17 thoughts on “Life Lately Update and Why I Am Writing a Blog for Working Moms”

  1. Well done!

    Reading this I can only imagine how much more you are going to achieve on/through your blog if this is what you’ve accomplished in the short 2 months of blogging!

    Being a blogger is an amazing space to be in and you also learn so much through reading what other’s are writing about.

    Focussing on the working mom perspective is definitely one that will keep it real and inspiring. Good luck!

  2. I enjoyed reading this post. You have accomplished so much in just 2 months. Keep it up! I am also a working mum. I am also loving blogging and I have to agree that the learning through blogging is phenomenal. Just go on writing about whatever you feel like, I’ve enjoyed all your posts thus far 🙂

  3. Love this. Didn’t realise you are so young in the blog world! Well done! You seem like a pro already. Love the posts you have done thus far and following you to learn more. I am too a mom and have a career but I’m not sure if its just me. I sometimes feel like the phase I am in right now is more about my children then my career. Possibly because I missed out so much with Emilie because I was so young and now with Daniel I don’t want to miss anything. Also – die hard GOT fan over here! xx

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yes I hear you! For Me I LOVE working, and will also give my best there. The change for me is to really invest in all areas of my life, not just work. Work is just not enough, I need the other parts too. That is family, work, and whatever else. Example, I use to work during weekends, and I actually just stopped 1 year ago and it didn’t really effect my work at all. No one knew either way. Just one small change to bring back focus on other parts of my life

  4. You have a really nice Blog! 🙂
    I agree with you that blogging it is a LOT of work!!
    I used to have a blogger blog and that was a complete hobby and I ended up abandoning it after a while..
    But now that I started a new one and plan on doing something with it, boy, it takes time like you say, to do networking, read, learn new tips, install plugins, etc etc
    And of course since are moms it s even harder! lol
    You have 2 beautiful daughters!
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Shawna. That is hours and hours and hours of googling “how can I XXXXX on wordpress) hahaha

  5. Good Post! I feel like when I’m at work I have more time for “myself”. I can also get my blogposts planned or written on my way to work or during lunch breaks. After I get home my daughter needs all of me and I can’t get anything done! And oh boy I’m tired.

  6. I’ve enjoyed this so much especially the part on why you write for career women. We need to talk about these things because it will hopefully inspire someone to go for their dream. Lovely post. I need to read Lean In.

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