‘Bring The Wet Wipes!’ The Wail of Every Parent Faced with a Blowout {CLOSED GIVEAWAY}

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“Bring the wet wipes!” My husband bawled from inside the girls’ room when he went to fetch our one-year-old from her cot. “She made a mess all over the place,” exasperation evident in his voice.

“Bring reinforcements!”.

So dramatic.

Anyway, that turned out okay.

I don’t know about you, but wet wipes are a necessity in my life with a toddler and a preschooler!

Not only for diaper changes but for life in general.

That is why I loved the adorable hamper that was sent to me by Cherubs.  It was so well presented.

I loved the little details and the extra sweet treat was packed for me.

I am giving away three of those hampers on the blog today. You can get your hands on one for yourself, for a mom to be or  a mom with a little one.

Read the below post and find out of to enter at the end!

Besides cleaning a baby’s bottom here are five other weird and wonderful uses of wet wipes.

Child with paint_clean with wetwipes

1. Get rid of deodorant marks on dark clothing.

Really handy to have at hand, when you are are rushing out the door!

2. When kids’ toys need a wipe down

Kids’ toys get grubby fast. If the toys need a quick clean, wipe them down with a few wet wipes to get the worse off.

3. Wipe down dirty cookbook pages

I always thought a dirty cookbook shows usage.
However, it can get quite grimy and then it loses that authentic vibe. Give your cookbook pages a gentle wipe down to get your cookbook looking good.

4. Wipe your remote controls

Talk about germ city! Remote controls can get quite dirty as everyone is touching them. And guess what a baby’s favorite toy is? Yep a remote, that they put in their mouths and take with them everywhere.

5. Wrap around an earbud

Wrap a wet wipe around an earbud to clean something that has a very teeny tiny space. Example, in between keyboards.


GIVEAWAY! WIN one of THREE gorgeous Cherubs baby hampers.



To Enter Follow This one Easy Step

Comment on this post. What is your most common use for wet wipes (besides wiping bottoms!)

That is it, you are in. Good luck!


  • Competition is open until Friday 20 April.
  • Winners will be contacted directly by latest 25 April.
  • Only open to SA residents.
  • Prizes will be shipped by the agency.

Good luck!

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24 thoughts on “‘Bring The Wet Wipes!’ The Wail of Every Parent Faced with a Blowout {CLOSED GIVEAWAY}”

  1. The most common use is that we use it for everything!! Haha, on a more serious note though, our most common use is for cleaning baby’s bottom.

  2. I’m abit of a Germophobe and I make sure that I always have my wet wipes in my bag and work drawer. I use wet wipes mostly to clean my keyboard, desk, screen monitor, arm rests and my cellphone.

  3. Wipes are a staple in my house. I use it daily to wipe my 4 year old’s nose, she has allergies and sinusitis and wipes are allergy friendly. We also use it daily for her super sensitive vaginal area.

  4. I just can’t go without wet wipes. It’s become a big part of our lives since our firstborn arrived in 2014.
    We use it daily, especially for those sticky hands. Also, if I run out of make-up remover, I make use of the wipes and apply my night cream.

  5. Im prone to messing on myself with food all the time… so besides using it for baba’s bottom I use it to clean my top or pants if I’ve spilt or messed something on it. Works amazingly when you out and about and until you can get home and put it in the wash.

  6. Beside wiping my baby’s bottom, wiping my clothes that have been smeared with sticky kids hands which then also need to be wiped and then the spills of drinks usually in my car that needs wiping the list is endless 😉

  7. I use wet wipes often for Little Evelyn’s hands , she either gets it messy due to sweet treats ….candy, playing with the dog, touching the flowers and plants, putting her little hands in my baking mixture etc.
    Its so quick and convenient to use one wipe with such ease and its all clean until those hands get messy, dirty, sticky in a hour or two. Instead of washing those hands a gazillion times its wet wipes to the rescue.
    This hamper will certainly be appreciated and well used thank you. 🌺🌺🌺🌺

  8. Clean the inside of your car. How many times are you sitting at a red light to notice how dusty your display is? Pull out a baby wipe and quickly wipe it down so you can see your speedometer better. Or wipe off the dashboard really quickly.

  9. I use wipes for anything that spills or messes.. its just so fantastic.. and instant.. no need to wet a cloth.. if the kids mess yoghurt, its quick and easy to clean in one wipe. I have wipes in the kitchen, even in the car. My life is not complete without wipes 🙂

  10. I use wet wipes to wipe down the baby bath before my little one uses it…also I carry a pack of wet wipes in my bag to wipe down anything in the car that needs cleaning if my little one makes a mess ( including his car seat )

  11. Besides all the obvious uses, we adopted 2 baby kittens.. so of course they use a litter tray.. and are still learning the ropes of nature.. and often step into some nasty messes. And I found the easiest way to get their little paws clean is by using a wipe. It works brilliantly, especially getting inbetween the toes 🙂

  12. I love keeping a pack in the car, so handy for wiping up spills, cleaning dust, cleaning dirty little hands, fixing my make-up and wiping hands down after shopping.

  13. I mainly use wet wipes to wipe our little boy’s hands when he snacks on anything, as he often runs off and touches anything and everything in sight 😍

  14. I use my wet wipes for the kids when they snack in the car ,when we go to the mall I wipe the toilet set before using .for sticky fingers .there are 101 uses ,I cannot do with out my wet wipes .thw whole family uses it .

  15. Sadly I mostly use wipes to clean up my baby’s mess after he Eats.
    He has a habit when he’s had enough then he will mess his food so he leaves a trail of sticky food prints wherever he goes.
    Most times it’s just convenient to use wipes.

  16. I use it for everything. My eldest is 9 and mommy will still clean his hands with wipes, but my new usage for wipes is to clean the inner ear part of my middle child’s hearing aid. (He got it about 2 months ago, and the inner ear part gets sticky with ear wax). And for my baby I use it for his bum and face.

  17. I use wet wipes for the cleaning of sensitive things like CD’s and DVD’s when they are acting up. Its a quick fix.

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