10 Things a Working Mother Needs to Survive

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Being a working mom is tough. Dealing with work demands, family pressures and still making time for yourself is a huge task. But,  you do what you need to do to get things done, and you should feel proud.  Here are ten things a working mother needs to survive Reliable and safe care during the day for your child Having your child taken care of during the […]

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7 Things A Working Mother Wants To Tell Her Boss

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Being a working mother is not easy. Bias against mothers is one of the most potent forms of bias known to women. There are many things a working mother wants to tell her boss, but half the time don’t. I am lucky as my bosses are mothers (mostly) and that helps me a lot. However, many […]

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Is your terrible work life balance your boss’ fault? Plus free check list to help you figure it out

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Work-life balance, having work and life on opposing sides with just the perfect amount of time spent on each side – is not achievable. This pursuit of perfection will never happen. Life is messy.  Instead, focus on building your unique lifestyle where you are okay with how you prioritize different elements of your life. That is a work-life  balance […]

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The Maternal Wall: How to Disrupt Bias Against Working Mothers

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“One of the worst career moves a woman can make is to have children”, states Clair Cain Miller in the New York Times. Given an identical CV to review, with only 4 words added to the one (member of the PTA); 79% of participants chose the candidate who is not a mother. Mothers are 50% less likely […]

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Moms, Step Up and Take Your Seat at The Table… The Play Table

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Are you a working mom who is kicking ass and taking names at work? And you are giving your all to make time for your family but you struggle with work life balance? We all know this is not a perfect balance, but we are all doing our best. I have just completed reading Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes. One of the ideas […]

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Benefits of Being a Working Mother – Bye Bye Mommy Guilt

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I was coming home from work late one evening. I arrived home and both children were already asleep. And I felt so guilty for not seeing my children that evening. Needing to remind myself of the benefits of being a working mother has come important. The never ending guilt.. do you feel guilty all the time? Guilty for not […]

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Life Lately Update and Why I Am Writing a Blog for Working Moms

I started writing on the blog about two months ago, and I wanted to share an update of how this has been going. In this post, I will cover: why i write why i want to write about working moms and their careers currently reading, watching, anticipating and feeling   I write. Writing has given […]

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Do I still need to ‘lean in’ when I am just so tired?

I came across Sheryl Sandberg and Lean In when I was on maternity leave with my first (December 2013). I was planning my move back to work and I was struggling coming to terms with being a mom and how that fitted in with wanting a career as well. Then…I caught an interview with Oprah and […]

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