A Guide to Planning Your Maternity Leave Like a Boss

maternity leave

Navigating pregnancy and being a new mother is a challenge. Then add work, and it gets more complex. Let’s face it, you may experience a shift in your career in the time that you are pregnant and once you have a new baby. Picture this. You announce you are pregnant at work and it is […]

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The Other Side of Maternity Leave: The Coworkers We Leave Behind

maternity leave and coworkers

Do you know that us moms we LOVE talking about our maternity leave? The favourite is how it was not a holiday. Actually, it was not a holiday for our coworkers either. The other side of maternity leave is about our coworkers who had to step up at work. Society spends a lot of time focused on the […]

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6 Tips for Surviving Morning Sickness At Work

More than 50% pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. But, it is a bit of a hush hush topic at work. Probably because, when they suffer their worst morning sickness (first trimester) women are still keeping their pregnancy under wraps. I have seen women fainting, lying in the bathroom, and they are like “no its just […]

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Pumping Breast Milk at Work: The Law and What Moms Have To Say

Pumping Breast milk at work

Before I became a mother, I had a limited understanding of breastfeeding women’s needs when they returned to work from maternity. Yes, conceptually I understood it; however, I did not grasp the significance. After I had my first child, I then understood. Although I never pumped breast milk at work, I could empathise entirely. In this post […]

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Maternity Leave – 5 Practical Steps to Make Returning to Work Easier

return to work after maternity leave

Returning back to work after being on maternity leave is a daunting experience. I fully enjoyed both my maternity leaves and being a stay at home mom for that time. I must admit I was happy to join the world of work again. However, there were challenges integrating back into work and the below steps helped me to ease back into […]

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