Will gender bias in kids’ clothes ever go away and should we even care?

gender bias in kids clothes girl pilot

Has anyone else noticed how impractical some girls’ clothes are in shops? Girls shorts are the length of hot pants and the t-shirts are mostly fitted. I often need to buy my daughters clothes from the boys’ section. Why do I need to do this? I know I know, there are very nice boutiques and brands which have the clothes that I am looking […]

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Dear stressed out mom – take care of yourself

Woman calm at sea

Women are 70% more likely to suffer from work related stress than men. Women are also known to be masters at juggling home, work and friends leaving them over stretched.  In that regard taking care of yourself, need to be intentional. Incorporate these 4 practical lifestyle changes right now to take better care of yourself. I am a work in progress and trust […]

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10 things I miss about my life before kids

woman in bed relaxed

I do love my kids with all heart and cannot imagine my life without them. They do drive me crazy  at times. And I will admit to the fact that I do miss my life before kids, if only sometimes. Only a tiny little bit 🙂 Here are the 10 things I miss about life before having kids […]

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{Featured in SA MOM BLOGS} Why I am okay with being a good enough parent

Kids; Mommy Blog

Being a good enough parent is about putting an end to pursuing perfection and comparative parenting. With constant inputs around what we ‘should’ be doing, and  even FOMO parenting (yes people, it is a thing), we need to draw the line. Good Enough Parenting to me is about letting go and being human. Read the full post here […]

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5 Ways to effectively reinforce good manners in kids

kids reading books, kids sharing, good manners

One of THEE most important jobs we have as parents is to teach our kids manners. Pre-schoolers (those between the ages of 3 – 4) are at an age where they should be responding to some of the social graces that they have been taught and shown. I mean, you don’t want your kid to be the ‘rude kid’ […]

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Destiny’s Good Schools Report 2017 is out

Destiny Good Schools report

Destiny has launched its annual Good Schools Report, a curated list of South Africa’s top private and public schools. Moreover, this report includes school fees, annual and matric pass rates, and other relevant statistics per school.  “The listings on the following pages shines a light on schools which have implemented innovative teaching methods to ensure the very best outcomes for pupils, regardless of […]

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Short and funny interview with a toddler

Interview with a toddler

I had such a fun time interviewing our 3 year old daughter, although it was a challenge to get her to focus and sit still. There were way more questions, and this is what we managed to get out! She is growing so fast, and cannot believe the end of her toddler years are approaching. 1. What […]

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5 signs that you are a millennial mom

Millennial mom and daughter

A millennial mom is smart, technology savvy and  does not succumb to societal norms. Born during the 1980s to late 1990s, this is a generation of moms who have grown along with the rise of technology. They also have the unique challenge or raising kids completely immersed in the digital age. Here are the 5 signs that you are a […]

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To my husband on father’s day

I am always talking about how wonderful and cute my kids are, and so today, for father’s day I want to  dedicate this post to my husband who is kinda awesome too. here goes… When we met I knew you would be an incredible father, although I did not know how much I would love you for it. Even then, you […]

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