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  • kidloland_preschool__games - little girl

    KidloLand Preschool Math Games Review

    The KidloLand Preschool Math Games Can Complement Learning Did I tell you guys I have deleted 90% of Caitlyn’s games off my iPhone? I could not find anything that I felt was worth the subscription fee. And to get to the really good stuff (you know what I mean) you need to subscribe. I was invited to review the Preschool Math Games from KidloLand, and saw it as a good opportunity to try out something new. After trying out the games for a good month, here is my (our) balanced review of the app. Related Post: 7 Reasons Why I am Pretty Certain We Are Only Having Two Kids KidloLand Preschool…

  • LeapReader Review preschooler 2

    LeapFrog LeapReader – A Review

    We bought Caitlyn the LeapReader for her third birthday last year. I did not give it to her at the time, as I felt she was too young. I recently started giving her the LeapReader to play with and this is how it has been going. LerapFrog LeapReader: What does it do? The LeapReader is an electronic pen, that is used in conjunction with LeapReader books. The tip of the pen has a sensor, and when it touches a word or an icon on a page it can read the whole page or sound out the word.  This can help a child learn to read and can also be used for tracing to help a child with learning to write. Who…