Dear stressed out mom – take care of yourself

Woman calm at sea

Women are 70% more likely to suffer from work related stress than men. Women are also known to be masters at juggling home, work and friends leaving them over stretched.  In that regard taking care of yourself, need to be intentional. Incorporate these 4 practical lifestyle changes right now to take better care of yourself. I am a work in progress and trust […]

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Why mentoring is overrated and how to make it really count #ladyboss

Two Businesswomen Working On Computer In Office

A mentor has become one of those things that we are all ‘encouraged’ to have if we want to get anywhere in our career. But, do you REALLY need a mentor? No. Mentoring is overrated, however there are ways you can leverage this approach if you apply these 4 career strategies. A board of directors It is […]

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5 signs that you are a millennial mom

Millennial mom and daughter

A millennial mom is smart, technology savvy and  does not succumb to societal norms. Born during the 1980s to late 1990s, this is a generation of moms who have grown along with the rise of technology. They also have the unique challenge or raising kids completely immersed in the digital age. Here are the 5 signs that you are a […]

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Why we need more women in leadership

In the current climate of uncertainty and with the fast pace of change faced by companies and society at large – we need more leadership. Period. As we are finding ourselves having a shortage of talent at a local and global scale, it becomes more imperative to tap into and leverage the full talent pool of men AND women. Here is why we need more women leaders.

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