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We Are Checking Out Playschools for Our Toddler – What I Am Really Looking For This Time Around

playschool for toddlers

I can’t believe our little one (Miss A) will be going to playschool next year! She turns two in October 2018, and we have decided that Jan 2019 is the right time for her to go to school.

So I have been walking around our neighborhood scoping out playschools.

Her sister went to playschool/daycare at one year three months, and she adapted quite well (Except for the getting sick part).

So Now That We Are Officially Checking Out Playschools for Our Toddler here is what we are looking for

Walking distance

We want a playschool that is within walking distance of our home, so our nanny can walk over and fetch Miss A.

Miss C (who is  in grade R next year, and I cannot handle it!), is registered with Cool Kids Cabs and it is working quite well. BUT, I don’t want to follow that route for now for the little one.


Parenting is largely a bunch of extra chores that have landed on your lap. Never. Ending. Chores. Cooking, cleaning, making snacks, cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.

So, any situation that alleviates the pressure or helps the chores gets a yes from me. So I would really love a playschool that can give her as many meals as possible. As she will probably be half day, at least a cooked lunch!

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Stay Within The Budget

The budget might need to be traded off with the above factors. If the school provides at least one meal, and it is within walking distance, we will be okay to flex our budget a little bit.

A Good Feeling In My Tummy

I want to walk into this playschool and have a good feeling in my tummy.

I know, I know it is not scientific at all. But my eldest Miss C has been at two daycares/ playschools. I can tell you the one we really loved just FELT GOOD when we walked in there.

Angels started singing, and we felt all warm and fuzzy. Okay, no angels, but it felt good. The first one she attended that we did not like as much, looking back there were signs. We had to ‘convince ourselves’ a little bit about the daycare.

So I trust the feeling in my tummy.

Oh and then the standard ‘hygiene factors.’

I would not be a responsible parent if I did not cover the ‘important bits.’ Other important factors to consider are:


Finally, do some snooping.

Go online and so some online research on your options. You never know what you can find. Thou hath no fury like a mother or father scorned. If there are any reviews, you may pick it up online.

Also, find a parent whose child attended the school and ask them about their experience. I always consider other parents’ experiences. In fact, Miss C’s playschool I loved was a referral from a friend.

Question: Do you have any tips for little ones starting at a new playschool?

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