Destiny’s Good Schools Report 2017 is out

Destiny Good Schools report

Destiny has launched its annual Good Schools Report, a curated list of South Africa’s top private and public schools. Moreover, this report includes school fees, annual and matric pass rates, and other relevant statistics per school.  “The listings on the following pages shines a light on schools which have implemented innovative teaching methods to ensure the very best outcomes for pupils, regardless of their start in life“, as stated by its Project Editor, Sheena Adams in the July edition. A large focus is placed on schools who take innovative approaches to science and math. Some of the top private schools are St Anne’s, Glenwood house, Crawford College and Reddam House. A few of the top public schools listed are Grey College, Collegiate Girls’ High School, Parkview Senior Primary and Westerford High School.

The Good Schools Report is going online

Destiny is launching a website ( which will provide a more comprehensive review of education in South Africa. Interestingly, this will include submissions by parents to its listings. I am personally quite excited by what an expanded focus could mean for parents looking for information on schools.

It can be challenging to find a good school due to supply and demand (lack of quality schools).With the expanded focus of the website, I hope that it provides a broader perspective on which schools are good and not just a handpicked few. Over and above that, I hope that it will show which qualities other parents value in schools. As a (fairly) new parent the latter point is important to me. My daughter enters primary school in three years and I will be consulting the new website for insights.

Destiny  also encourages us to sign up for the Good Schools Report newsletter  which I have done. I will be accessing the website soon after its launch and will share my insights here.

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