House Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms (with small children)

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These are not the house cleaning tips for busy moms you are expecting!

I always admire other people’s homes which are spotless.

Unfortunately, it will never be mine.

Although I have a helper, she looks after our two children during the day. We still do some housework on weekends when our helper is off.

A home that is tidy and clean is something I do aspire to. However, I have come to realise that because I have children, I will not have the super tidy and organised home. I will try but in my heart I know it is not going to happen.

Parental burnout is a real concern, and a super clean house is another form of pressure we may be placing on ourselves (I am  certainly guilty!).

Being a working mom means that there are certain ‘adjustments’ that you need to make. Remember, we cannot have it all!

There are of course moms who thrive on a super organised and clean home, and the cleaning itself bring joy. If that is you, then by ball means own that!

House Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms (with small children)

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Lower your cleaning standards, there are no ‘clean house’ police

Relax your cleaning standards. I have spoken before how low cleaning standards can help you get more time out of your weekend with your children, and we need it for our sanity as working moms!

Not what you expect to hear in a post about ‘house cleaning tips for busy moms’? I am not saying live in a mess, but you know what YOUR standards are, and you will determine for yourself what makes sense in your home.

A Clean House should not be more important than having fun as a family

Yes, we all want the beautiful homes. But let’s not forget that our children are only little once. Enjoy the space you are in now.

When your children are little they think you are a goddess and they want to hang around you the whole day.  When they are older, we will all have enough time to have a perfectly clean house.

Accept that children are children: they WILL mess

Best we all make peace with this.

I am not even joking when I say that on the weekends my house is a disaster. I keep the kitchen and bathrooms clean and tidy mostly. But the rooms, lounge, and garden contain a spread of toys, crayons, colouring books, socks, and more.


I have two choices: choose to spend my weekend cleaning the whole time, or I can overlook certain things and play with my children (and squeeze in my alone time).

Do a  walk through with two bags

For some reason, we are natural ‘hoarders’ in this house. Every couple of weekends I walk through the house with two bags. One bag is for rubbish and one bag is filled with stuff to give away.

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Buy reasonably priced household items, so you don’t get upset when they are ruined

With two children under five, I feel as if I can’t have beautiful things (right now).

For now, rather focus on having things that are more reasonably priced, but durable. So that you don’t get too stressed when they get ruined. Simple. A home is to LIVE IN.  A cream Persian rug for the lounge? I don’t think so!

Have a little routine that works for you

Do what you can and what makes sense for you. Example, in the last few years I have become paranoid about going to bed with a dirty sink in the week (weekends different rules apply)!

Get everyone involved

Children as young as two can understand the meaning of packing away toys or throwing rubbish in the bin. Every little bit helps. Create a ‘tidy up song’ and your toddler may surprise you. You can also incorporate it as part of your quality time with your children.

Find products and hacks that work for you

I have recently discovered Chux which offers a line of cleaning accessories to help you keep your home clean.

The Chux Magic Erasers are my favourite.  So now when my children write on the walls and the tiles, it does not stress me out as much because I know the magic eraser will sort that ish out!  Their scourers and cloth ranges are of excellent quality too.

So what am I saying?

Well, let me spell it out…Chill out.

Let’s chill out, enjoy our families and our homes. Let go of unrealistic standards.  I am not saying that you must live in a complete mess. But relax, be proud of your home, but chill out. You know what that means for you.

There are no amount of house cleaning tips for busy moms that can tell how you to run your household. Find what standards you are okay with.


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6 thoughts on “House Cleaning Tips For Busy Moms (with small children)”

  1. Thanks for all these useful tips, although I landed over here expecting something different to learn. Reading the first sentence sounds a bit confusing initially, but after going through the whole post I realized what you mean to say.

    I agree, spending quality time with children matters a lot than cleaning my house until perfection even though its impossible to achieve.

  2. YES to all of this! I finally had to stop and breathe when walking through my living room. The floor is going to be covered in toys. It’s a given. I just have to watch where I walk, smile and laugh it off. Great blog!!

  3. Amazing tips and thank you for sharing this. Though, I agree with all the the points here, it is also important to have that quality time with the kiddos. Anyways, great read!

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