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Moms, Step and Play with Your Kids| Why Play is Important

Are you a working mom who is kicking ass and taking names at work? And you are giving your all to make time for your family but you struggle with work life balance? We all know this is not a perfect balance, but we are all doing our best.

I have just completed reading Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes. One of the ideas that resonate with me is that of saying  ‘yes’ to our children’Saying ‘yes’ to our children when they want to play and be with us. Shonda states that when she plays with her kids, they can only play with her for about 15 minutes before they want to move on. Do you have 15 minutes?

Say 'Yes' to your children when they ask to play with you, 15 min is doable Click To Tweet

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We are out there being awesome at work.

Kicking ass and taking names at work, and saying ‘yes’ to our mentors, sponsors and stretch assignments.  Let’s also say ‘yes’ to our children and ourselves.

This is how it plays out mamas, admit it:

Mommy, please play with me outside-  Not now angel, I need to do the dishes. Just say ‘yes’.

There is a moms’ tea at my daughter’s playschool. Should I go? Gosh my diary is a nightmare…. – Just say ‘yes’ to the moms’ tea at least sometimes. We know how we can never make the moms’ tea because its smack bang in the middle of the work. But let’s just say ‘yes’ once.

Just 'say yes' to playing with your kids. It will mean the world to them and you. Click To Tweet


What are some steps you can take to say ‘Yes’ to yourself and your children?

  1. Weekends. Spend time focusing on yourself and your family on weekends. Always aim to close off what you need to do on a Friday. Then get on the floor and just play with your children.
  2. When you leave work, really leave. Okay, this is  personal, as each person needs to find their way of working. Some people, leave work earlier and then catch up in the evening after the kids are down. Only you can hold yourself accountable for the focus you are giving. Reach out to a mentor if you are struggling, see next point.
  3. Have a mentor who is a working mother. We all need to have multiple mentors. Have at least one working mom that you can learn from in your personal ‘board of directors’. The challenges that you face as a working mom are unique. You will have someone you can really be open with about your unique life.
  4. The Sunday. This use to be my own issue I created for myself. Working on Sundays, to ‘prepare’ for Monday. I stopped that  as I decided to take back my Sunday evenings to read, watch a movie, spend time with my husband, whatever. That has helped me to say ‘yes’ to myself on a Sunday evening.

Let’s say ‘yes’ to spending time with our children, being present, they are only this little once. In my daughters’ eyes (who is three years old) I am a ROCK STAR!! I am her ROCK STAR and I will work on saying ‘yes’ more to her (when she is not driving me nuts).

In which ways can you create more time for play?

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  1. I’m definitely going to check out the book and make some time for myself to read it. I am aching to add to my family and tho I’m not yet pregnant I’m already freaking out about making it work with two when I’m stretched to the max with one. Thanks for these tips!! Us working moms need all the help we can get.

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