6 Tips for Surviving Morning Sickness At Work

More than 50% pregnant women suffer from morning sickness. But, it is a bit of a hush hush topic at work. Probably because, when they suffer their worst morning sickness (first trimester) women are still keeping their pregnancy under wraps. I have seen women fainting, lying in the bathroom, and they are like “no its just  terrible food poisoning’. Meanwhile….it is terrible morning sickness. During both my pregnancies I had morning sickness. The second one lasting for 5-6 months and I was diagnosed  with hyperemesis gravidarum (a severe form of nausea).

When dealing with morning sickness, you have to work too and keep it together.

Honestly, on many occasions I ran off to the bathroom and just sat on the floor hugging my knees. Waiting for the moment to pass. I guess that is not a helpful tip – right?

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Here are some ‘other’ tips which may help you to deal with morning sickness at work

Be open and honest about needing flexibility

At some point, something has got to give. If you are not able to cope then request the day off or leave early. Your body is growing a human being. An actual person. It is kind of a big deal and take the rest when you need it. During my second pregnancy on a few occasions I had to leave work early, or simply just could not get out of bed and had to take a day or two off. It happens.

Have sufficient fluids at hand

Staying hydrated is very important as you are losing your bodily fluids. Have water and drinks at hand. At one stage, I was so sick, I could not drink water.  Water disgusted me for a whole trimester (pregnancy is strange). I could drink fizzy cold drinks, and I had Fanta and Crème Sodas whole day every day.

Lemon and Ginger

Drinking Lemon and Ginger tea really helped as well as  Ginger Sweets. My dear husband, organised these for me to help me get through the nausea. I kept a stash with me at all times!

Manage your work load

We know you are awesome at what you do, but remember to rest.  During both my pregnancies I needed to rest a lot. I needed to actively manage my work load to get the best out of my days. Again, this was my experience. Some people have wonderful energetic pregnancies. So I hear.

Talk to your doctor

If you find that your nausea is extremely bad where you cannot keep down any fluids for hours on end, give your doctor a call. You may be given anti nausea medication if they deem fit. With my second pregnancy, I needed to go on anti nausea medication (which  I did not even know was a thing !). My nausea was debilitating in that I could not keep any fluids down for a 24 hours period and I had to take medication to help me. The medication helped me a lot to keep fluids down at that time. I read up on hyperemesis gravidium, it is a serious condition that women face, from what I can see I was lucky in that I responded well to the medication.

Sleep and sleep well

Having a baby is like running a marathon, it is extremely tiring. With both my pregnancies, I was completely exhausted. Going to bed as early as possible made a big difference. It helped me to stay rested so that I could manage to get through a work day.

Overall, let your manager and colleagues know as soon you are comfortable so that others can support you.

Do you have any tips for surviving morning sickness at work?

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