Parenting Humour: Confessing My 7 Parenting Double Standards

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Parenting is all about being responsible and showing our kids the ‘right way’, however we must not forget the funny side of parenting. Always aim to bring in some parenting humour in all that  you do as a parent.  I always crack up at the funniest tweets from parents collated by the Huffington Post.

I  mean I have to model healthy eating habits and positive behaviour, but I am not perfect. Some of you who know me or follow my blog, know that I am into real and frank talk about parenting, and ‘good enough’ is okay for me.

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I have come to accept that I will be practicing double standards until my children can figure out what I am doing. Then I guess I can just say “Because I said so”. For now here are 7 parenting double standards (trust me there are more, but let’s start with 7!).

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Parenting Humour: Here are 7 double standards that I know parents out there will understand

Me to my 4 Year Old: Angel, you cannot have so much sugar.

Me: Stuffing my face with chocolates from the ‘secret luxury cupboard’ when she is not looking.

Remember, sharing is caring my angel

Me: Hides all the luxuries in the corner of the ‘secret luxury cupboard shelf.’ Plus the really delicious stuff gets hidden from my husband too in another ‘secret luxury drawer.’ That’s all my sugar. Which I hide. So I can eat it alone. In peace!

Me: No Bad words angel

Me again: FFS (and my bad cape town swear words come out) when I hit my toe against the leg of  the couch. *my husband cringing right now*

Drink your water, my angel, it is the best drink when you are thirsty

Me when I get home from work: I am so thirsty, where are my flavoured beers (ciders) at?

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You cannot have that for breakfast, my angel, instead finish up your porridge.

Me: Eats whatever the hell I want when everyone has left the house. This was one of the best parts of maternity leave (I meant, besides spending time with my new baby – of course)

Mom, Where are my sweeties I got at the party yesterday?
Me: I don’t know let’s look for them. I wonder what happened to these sweeties.

At this stage, I am feeling guilty because my husband and I smashed the party bag the night before and now I am helping her look for it.

(By the way parents, for every single party bag my daughter gets, it gets eaten by my husband and me as soon as we can make her forget. It is just one of those perks of parenting.)

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Then she picks up a wrapper and looks at me and whispers in a conspiratorial way “Mommy look; someone ate it”

Me shocked “oh no, that is so terrible, that was nice of that person whoever it is. Let’s go play outside”. Short attention span, always saves the day!

Mommy, may I have a bite of your food please?

She points to my food.

Me: It is too spicy my angel, you will not like it.
My 4YO: Oh okay.

The food was not spicy. I Just wanted to eat alone.

Does that ever happen, where you ’embellish the truth’ a little so you can eat something alone?


CHIME IN? What are your parenting double standards? Come on, admit it!



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