6 Ways to Add Self-Care To Your Work Routine (and get things done while you are at it)

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Adding self-care to your daily routine at work is possible, if you start with micro steps. I mean, who has time to add ANOTHER ‘to do’ the never ending list of things? Aint, nobody got time for that!

Refresh yourself at work, and be more productive through making small changes. The goal is that these small changes bring focus and energy back into your day.

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Taking time out for your self at work does not need to be elaborate, it can be small changes that help you to stay organised and productive.

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Here are six ways you can add a self-care routine to your daily work

Bring Healthy Snacks to work

Prepare for the mid-afternoon slump by having healthy snacks with you. Fruits, nuts, etc., are excellent snacks and will help you to stay energised and focus throughout the day.

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Have your playlist ready

Set up your best songs for different moods on your playlists. Example, have a playlist for music that energizes and spurs on creativity and one that helps you focus and concentrate. Whatever works for you, do that.

Work in productivity bursts

I am a big fan of this approach, which entails working in focused blocks of time. E.g., work 20 minutes and take a 5- 10-minute break. If you can push it, work in 50-minute bursts and take a 10 – 15-minute break.

Working in bursts is an excellent technique to bring focus. It allows you to set priorities for each day, then work in 20-minute bursts throughout the day on your priorities.

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Minimize distractions

Open plan offices spurs on collaboration but they are also a big distraction. Figure out what is appropriate in your space. Example, if you have little booths at works, and you need to do a piece of work that requires significant focus, instead do it in the booth. If you can work while listening to music on your earphones, do that.

Have walking meetings

I love this concept, although I have not tried it myself yet. This is particularly good, if you have a garden at work where you can walk in. You take your meeting participant and take a walk and discuss the business at hand.

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Got pretty stationery?

I had to throw this one in – life is too short to write with a black pen. Love your stationery, your pens, and notebooks. Make your work space enjoyable, and it will help with adding a little bit of colour and sparkle to your day. As you can see, I love pretty pens and notebooks.

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As our lives become busier, there is no end to the ‘list’ of what we need to do. Therefore, it is crucial to take time out to refresh and recharge. Being busy does not equal being productive. Being productive is getting THINGS done. 

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Now tell me, what is your unique way of bringing self care into your daily routine?

Author: Cherralle

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11 thoughts on “6 Ways to Add Self-Care To Your Work Routine (and get things done while you are at it)”

  1. Love this – definitely going to do more of this. Especially the stationary… it’s the little things that make a difference!

  2. Great tips, I always so much better after having a few healthy snacks throughout the day instead of eating something that’s going to slow me down (although sometimes that chocolate bar calls my name lol)

    1. Oh my gosh – that late afternoon crash is what drives me to get that chocolate! Sometimes i even ‘conveniently’ forget i brought healthy snacks. But i try. I am work in progress. Thank you

  3. A walking meeting is a great idea! I work remotely so one tip I use is to stand up when I’m talking on the phone or on a conference call as it brings a more confident, energetic tone.

    1. That is a great idea! I do a lot of conference calls as well and It does get tiring sitting. Thank you

  4. I do not work outside of my home but, I think I can easily integrate your tips in to my daily routine. I like the idea of productivity bursts because I get kind of bored…. sometimes I feel like I want to just accomplish a task but if I switch things up a little like you’ve suggested maybe I’d be more productive.

  5. Great tips, and so important. Working from home becomes consuming and it’s easy to forget the important things when emails are flooding in and kids are yelling for attention. I love the walking meetings idea too!

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