SLAMMED for NOT Piercing My Daughters’ Ears

Piercing daughters ears

Okay, this title is a bit tongue in cheek. Let me explain!

I have been asked when are my daughters’ getting their ear pierced. And so, I noticed the articles about Kylie Jenner being ‘mom shamed’ for piercing her daughter’s ears.

Articles reading ‘Kylie SLAMMED for piercing her daughter’s ears.’ This is completely ridiculous.

Kylie Jenner is being shamed for piercing her daughter’s ears.

WHAAATT!! Piercing a baby’s ears is so normal. And even if someone does not consider it normal, it is NOT harmful to the baby so what is the issue. Plus, it is ridiculously cute too!

From reading the articles, my own experience as mother of girls and just being a woman (or actually just being alive), there are cultural nuances to take into account.

In certain communities it is completely normal!

For example, I grew up in a Cape Town community. Here it is normal, no expected, that you will pierce your little girl’s ears.

If  a parent, whether it is Kylie Jenner or anyone else wants to pierce their baby’s ears let them be. If you do  not agree, then just don’t do it on your child. Simple.

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My daughters do not have pierced ears.

My little girl is one and my eldest daughter is five.

In our community, it is normal (almost expected) that little girls will have their ears pierced within the first year. In fact, I get asked regularly when are my girls getting ear piercings?

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Slammed for not having my daughters’ ears pierced

Tongue in cheek, but I just had to say ‘SLAMMED’ as I find it ridiculous.

Anyway, I am not doing it because I am ‘WOKE’ and stuff. I just do not feel there is a strong enough motivation for me to do it right now.

It is just a personal decision (with some selfish motivations as well).

Why I am not Piercing my daughters’ ears

I have decided that I want to make it a special day when they are ready.

I want them to ask me to have it done so that they are aware and gives them the power to make decisions about their body.

It is an option for a birthday present. So that year they get it, it will be THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT.

Plus if I can hold off on the ear piercings, then it pushes out asking for more piercings and tattoos.

My four year old has been asking me to have her ears pierces, but she always forgets about the ear piercings the closer we get to her birthday. More important things have taken over as their birthdays draw near, such as a PJ Masks Birthday Cake for her and a Barney Birthday Cake for her sister).


However, my feelings towards ear piercing have ZERO connection with how I feel about other parents doing it. In fact, I find it beautiful and admire the pretty little studs.


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17 thoughts on “SLAMMED for NOT Piercing My Daughters’ Ears”

  1. It’s totally a personal choice. I did it only once the girls were 3 but in all honesty they don’t even wear earrings. At least it’s done and when they get bigger they can decide if they want to wear earrings. For now they are happy not to, honestly I have no clue why. They just prefer not to. ❤️

    1. Exactly it’s a very personal decision the parent takes. Then When they want to they can wear earrings 🙂

  2. You know Cherralle, we have so many REAL issues to deal with, that it’s mind boggling how people decide to hone in on whether toddlers have pierced ears or not! You keep on keeping it real girl, and do it when you and your girls are ready! I love that you wanna include them in that decision :).
    No judgement from me either whether parents pierce the ears or not. 🙂

    1. Couldn’t have says it better ‘we have so many real issues to deal with’. Thank you for commenting 🙂

  3. Obviously , it’s a very personal decision that only parents can take .. and society should have nothing to do with it. Seems like you are a great parent who also wants to involve your child’s decision.

  4. Great article. Loved reading it. Being the mother of a 2.5 old lil girl, I get this question from many of my relatives. Because it is something normal and expected in my community too. But as you said, I just don’t feel like doing it now. The more they ask, the more I delay it. lol! Probably, I will do it once she turns 3.

  5. every daughter will jump with joy to be told that they have choices and it makes sense to start this early. it is very easy to decide for the kids knowing they can’t decide for themselves thinking that parents always know what is best for the kids. kudos to you! if i will become a mother in the future, i will do that too and thanks for the idea. =)

  6. I think it’s great what you have planned for your girls, it will be very special to them, And I seriously don’t understand what is so wrong about getting a baby’s ear pierced. People just can’t mind their own business.

  7. We haven’t pierced our almost 2 year old’s ears because right now we don’t want to put her in unnecessary pain, even if it is just a moment. A friend of ours recently asked when we are getting hers pierced and we are doing the same thing you mentioned. We are going to give her the choice to decide whether she wants to do it or not for a birthday. I have different opinions on it because my mother had mine done then let them close (I was a child) and then re-pierced them herself which screwed up one of the holes. I don’t want to leave her body up to someone else to decide about piercings. I have no problem with other people doing it and think that if I didn’t have mine done when I was young I wouldn’t have them pierced now (I’m a sissy).

  8. My daughter asked to do it one day when she was in the mall with her dad and my mom. She was 3. They never consulted me…just surprise! She wanted it and was happy, so I tried not to be too upset.

    She’s 9 now though and hardly wears earrings. I prefer that they are able to do it when they want to. I don’t say a 3yr old is equipped to make such decisions, but she was a pretty feisty little 3yr old. Lol

  9. I definitely agree! I did pierce my daughters ears at a very young age, but if I could go back I wouldn’t. She is not a girly girl and therefore her holes have closed, resulting it more pain should she want to re-pierce. It honestly doesn’t bother her AT ALL. Which is weird for me, but also not. It’s not important to her right now and that is okay, when it is we will deal with it. I love the way you have handled this!

  10. I think each to their own and it is your personal choice to pierce at a certain age or not. We only pierced our girls ears from 2 years old. Whereas my sister only pierced her daughter’s ears when she was 13.

  11. Cheralle, I totally agree with you. Soph has been asking me for earrings but at three I just don’t feel she’s ready (my own personal preference). Great post! X

  12. Hi Cherralle! Some parents have their baby’s ears pierced as early as 12 days old. However, experts recommend that a child’s ears should be pierced when they’re old enough to take care of it. Ear piercing could lead to infection when not properly taken care of.

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