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SLAMMED for NOT Piercing My Daughters’ Ears

Piercing daughters ears

Okay, this title is a bit tongue in cheek. Let me explain!

I have been asked when are my daughters’ getting their ear pierced. And so, I noticed the articles about Kylie Jenner being ‘mom shamed’ for piercing her daughter’s ears.

Articles reading ‘Kylie SLAMMED for piercing her daughter’s ears.’ This is completely ridiculous.

Kylie Jenner is being shamed for piercing her daughter’s ears.

WHAAATT!! Piercing a baby’s ears is so normal. And even if someone does not consider it normal, it is NOT harmful to the baby so what is the issue. Plus, it is ridiculously cute too!

From reading the articles, my own experience as mother of girls and just being a woman (or actually just being alive), there are cultural nuances to take into account.

In certain communities it is completely normal!

For example, I grew up in a Cape Town community. Here it is normal, no expected, that you will pierce your little girl’s ears.

If  a parent, whether it is Kylie Jenner or anyone else wants to pierce their baby’s ears let them be. If you do  not agree, then just don’t do it on your child. Simple.

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My daughters do not have pierced ears.

My little girl is one and my eldest daughter is five.

In our community, it is normal (almost expected) that little girls will have their ears pierced within the first year. In fact, I get asked regularly when are my girls getting ear piercings?

Slammed for not having my daughters’ ears pierced

Tongue in cheek, but I just had to say ‘SLAMMED’ as I find it ridiculous.

Anyway, I am not doing it because I am ‘WOKE’ and stuff. I just do not feel there is a strong enough motivation for me to do it right now.

It is just a personal decision (with some selfish motivations as well).

Why I am not Piercing my daughters’ ears

I have decided that I want to make it a special day when they are ready.

I want them to ask me to have it done so that they are aware and gives them the power to make decisions about their body.

It is an option for a birthday present. So that year they get it, it will be THE BIRTHDAY PRESENT.

Plus if I can hold off on the ear piercings, then it pushes out asking for more piercings and tattoos.

My four year old has been asking me to have her ears pierces, but she always forgets about the ear piercings the closer we get to her birthday. More important things have taken over as their birthdays draw near, such as a PJ Masks Birthday Cake for her and a Barney Birthday Cake for her sister).


However, my feelings towards ear piercing have ZERO connection with how I feel about other parents doing it. In fact, I find it beautiful and admire the pretty little studs.


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