The Number one Career Goal you need for 2018 – Get Uncomfortable

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Staying in your comfort zone is easy. Everyone is there, because it is so cosy.

Leap into 2018 and push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Limited growth and learning can happen when you are in your comfort zone. Reject the comfort zone, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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That drive in your belly when you feel ‘uh oh, I need to learn that,’ that is a good thing! That is where learning and growth happens.

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How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable

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One of key things holding you back is waiting for the right moment to begin. There is no right moment. Identify the first action you need to take to get started with what you want to do and just do it. Take action now. Have a bias for action, always.

Do you know the difference between yourself and the person you admire who is kicking ass and taking names? They are not necessarily smarter than you, or more creative than you. They were more action-oriented than you are right now.

Let go of perfection.

I cannot stress enough how debilitating the pursuit of perfection is. There is no such thing. Instead take action with what you have now, today, and adjust along the way.

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Push yourself to take the  next step

Learning and trying out something new is hard. The reality is that things worthwhile in life is HARD.

Even when it feels hard to go on. Even when it feels like so much hard work. The voice inside your head is telling you to quit. That it is just not worth the effort.

Take a step back and identify the next action.

Only one next action. And do that. Then again and again. By setting little goals, you can push through. 

No one knows everything. The new world is evolving too fast for anyone to be a multi-year expert in anything. We can all learn.

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Find your tribe

Experimenting with a new venture or learning path, will attract naysayers.  It will be your responsibility to find yourself like-minded people and surround yourself with them.

Remember when people are judging you, it’s about them and their own self-doubt. Not about you.

Prepare and then fake it.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. Then fake it. No one knows what the hell is going on with everything. If you are the one who knows what is going on all the time, you need to question that and disrupt yourself.

Go the extra mile; it is never crowded. If you go the extra mile and you are prepared, you will not be faking it for long.  You will be growing and learning.

Don’t let fear of the unknown paralyze you.

Make a decision and lean into that decision. So many times, people play around with ideas in their head. Wanting to start a business, apply for a new job, or pick up their studies. However, the never take the first step because they are paralyzed by the fear of the unknown and the decision is never made.

We will never know the answers. To grow and learn we need to be able to cope with uncertainty and become uncomfortable.

What is your commitment to yourself in 2018?

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9 thoughts on “The Number one Career Goal you need for 2018 – Get Uncomfortable”

    1. One of the tips ‘faking it till you make it’ is definitely a technique that can work. I like to add faking it plus preparation!m. Thanks for commenting

  1. Love this post! I am sitting in a situation where I need to make some decisions for 2018. They ARE definitely making me feel uncomfortable BUT I know I have to make a decision and get moving…Sometimes we all need a little nudge so that we make those decisions…

    1. Yay that sound good! Another reader just ousted she likes to set her big goal but break it into mini ones so they are not do daunting m. That’s a good way – I also like planning and writing down next actions. Example- this month must achieve x,y,z. Then into my week view. It helps me to stay accountable. Thank you for connecting !

  2. Yes, I agree with you to set the little goal. We can have the great goal, but if we do not split it to be smaller goals, it will be too scarry to achieve. Set the little goal and push myself to achieve it day to day. It makes the goal achievable step by step.

    1. That is a very good point. Small aches me goals ceetainly add up to the bigger goal. Thank you for commenting !

  3. I use the iSmart.Life ( ) app to do my tasks. This is a very simple and convenient application. The application allows you to harmonize work with leisure, improve your task planning and delegation skills.
    Goals are achievable if they are planned, broken down into small tasks and implemented.

  4. This is superb and I am already there— uncomfortable. It’s just good to know that being uncomfortable is a good thing. And it is true… Nobody knows everything about anything or even everything!

  5. I love, love this post. This year one of my personal goals is to grow myself. That includes making myself uncomfortable. This post has been really helpful in my planning.

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