10 things I miss about my life before kids

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I do love my kids with all heart and cannot imagine my life without them. They do drive me crazy  at times. And I will admit to the fact that I do miss my life before kids, if only sometimes. Only a tiny little bit 🙂

Here are the 10 things I miss about life before having kids

#1 Money

Yep, having kids costs a bundle, its child care, school, clothes, medical costs and don’t forget we do need to feed them as well.

#2 Sleeping in

This is the number one thing I miss the most, and I did not realise how precious this was when I had the chance. When sleeping till 6am is considered ‘sleeping in’….the struggle is real.

5 am wake up

#3 When I was done working, I was actually done working

Before I had kids, it was wonderful coming home and having time to just relax and chill out. Now the reality is that when I leave work and I come home I am on duty for at least another few hours depending on what time my kids go to bed (I highly recommend an early bedtime).

#4 Going to the bathroom without having to explain myself

My daughter seems to be fascinated by me visiting the bathroom. Going to the bathroom requires a lengthy explanation to my 3-year-old, why I am going, and I get escorted to the bathroom as well.

#5 Going out to dinner

Man, it was so awesome to just decide to go out to dinner (or movies) without needing to make any arrangements. The freedom of it all was bliss!

#6  Watching normal TV programming that is not animated

How I miss being able to kick back on the weekend and do series’ marathons!! I remember my husband and I watching endless episode of CSI: MIAMI. We did not even need to leave the bed on a Saturday. *sigh*

#7 Free time, so much free time

I miss being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Reading, watching a movie, cooking (jokes! it was never cooking).

#8 Weekend getaways…without taking the equivalent of a small flat with you

Going away has changed from just taking a small overnight bag to…a whole boot full of stuff. Its the cot for the little one, enough blankets for the little one, a special blanket for the older one, clothes, back up clothes, food, back up food, towels and back up towels…the list is endless.

#9 Drinking a cup of coffee without it getting cold

I find myself constantly reheating  cup of coffee in the microwave. A very weird fact, but true!

#10 Not having to deal with kids’ bodily fluids

I am not going to explain this.

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Do any of these resonate with you? Anything in particular you miss about life before kids? Its okay,  admit it…





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16 thoughts on “10 things I miss about my life before kids”

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes indeed, would not trade this role as a mom for anything! Although they do drive me crazy

  1. I think I relate with all 10 of you points! Being a mom is awesome, but I would love to sleep in just once. Lol

  2. Hhhhhaaaa this is hilarious!!!
    Im working in a post about something similar and gurl that bathroom one.
    Why cant I sit on the toilet without nursing!!??? Lol

  3. My husband and I were just laughing (or were we lamenting?!) about these sorts of things last night when we took all 3 kids out to dinner for my oldest’s (he turned 7!) birthday. We looked around the restaurant and saw scores of childfree couples actually making eye contact with one another and having real conversation and said, “Remember those days?!” To which we responded, “Yeah, me neither.” 🙂

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