5 Things That Speed Up Our Family’s Morning Routine

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A month into the new school year and we are settling into our new morning routine. Caitlyn’s school starts at 07h30 (thirty minutes earlier).

That means everyone is out the door at 07h00 ish.

We have our fair share of morning drama, but our morning routine helps.

Like when my husband decides that a Monday morning is a good time for a haircut! Yip, a DIY haircut on a Monday morning.

Never mind that we all have to be out the house by 07h00!

Our morning routine is not perfect, but we get where we need to be on time.

Living our new early morning routine, also had an impact on my coming home time. Which is a huge win!  Leaving work on time has always been a real struggle as a working mother.

As I get to work a little while before the work day starts, I have no issue completing my priorities at work and leaving on time (most days!).

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5 Things That Speed Up Our Family’s Morning Routine




1. We get up  much earlier as school starts at 07h30am

Firstly, since when does school start at 07h30 a.m?

In my days it was 08h00 a.m.

Anyway, my husband does the drop-off, which means they must leave the house by latest 07h00am. By default, we all wake up a little earlier.

Getting up earlier helps.

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2. School clothes are taken out the night before

My daughter’s school clothes are taken out the night before.

As she and Ava share a room, we cannot afford to have drama in their bedroom. So we pack it in the ‘study’ (aka the room of requirement*).

*any Harry Potter fans got that reference?

And no looking for a swimming kit in the morning. If it’s swimming, we pack the bag the day before.

We do have our morning issues, but we get it right most of the time and that is all right with me.

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3. School lunch is kept very simple

I had to park my lofty ideals of home-made, well-balanced school lunches for Caitlyn.

What started out as homemade mini boboties is now a sandwich.

Lunch consists out of a sandwich of whatever there is with fruit, yogurt, and snacks such as biltong, etc.

4. We allow some TV

If Caitlyn is ready before its time to leave, she may watch tv.

If she asked to watch TV, we would let her. If I need to do her hair, the TV goes on so that she can sit still.


5. I prep the ‘day’s meals’ in the morning

I prepare the children’s food for the day. Sometimes I have meals prepared the day before or there are frozen meals which were made on the weekend.

I prepare lunch and supper for both girls (with snacks in between) and leave the day’s ‘menu’ with our helper.

Caitlyn has a school lunch plus a second (proper) lunch when she comes from school.

The girls eat dinner together at about 17h00, and I get home by 17h30 (normally). I do miss supper with them.

Long story short, but based on our family’s routine, they must eat by 17h00.

Otherwise, everything runs super late, and the whole house is grumpy (by the entire house I mean me).

When I get home, I focus on bath time and catching up with them on the day. Once they are down, my husband I will eat, and catch up on what we need to do.

The new morning routine seems to be working for our family (for now).

Here are 5 tips to help you speed up your morning routine

best part of having two girls

1. Any activities you can do the night before, do them the night before! Simple. Whether it is making sandwiches, taking out clothes. Every little bit helps!

2. Build in extra time for mishaps! Like when we discover there is no bread and someone has to pop out to the garage to buy a loaf.

3. Do you want to drink a cup of coffee before the day starts, or do you want  little extra time to do your make up? Build in extra time for your little luxuries.

4. Take it easy. Sometimes when we lose our cool, it delays the process even further.

5. Take it easy on weekends. Throw routine out of the window on weekends and just be!

Any tips that help you speed up your mornings?


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12 thoughts on “5 Things That Speed Up Our Family’s Morning Routine”

    1. That actually sounds so peaceful and relaxing. A nice way to kick off the day. Thank you for commenting

  1. Our mornings are a bit off lately as the toddler is teething and he determines the sleep patterns at night. It sometimes messes with the mood in the morning. My eldest is a Trojan though she gets up first, showers and sorts herself so I basically do me and hubby does Daniel with him working from home that works well. I love these tips and really need to prep the night before! Thanks, I think the only thing I would add to this albeit not a morning routine but general routine thing is we have a huge calendar up with important dates that help us plan for the week and coming days. When I remember I also plan our meals for the week, that way there’s not too much thinking. Well done on a great morning routine. My eldest also starts at 7:30 but so do I so it works for us! Xx

  2. Seriously couldn’t wait to read this article.Thanks for tips. Oh and loving that idea of prepping the meals for the day. I like that your kids are able to eat their supper by 5. Mine usually wait until 7 after I’ve cooked, but I think if their meals are cooked before the time then it will release alot of pressure.

    1. Thanks Tracy. Indeed it helps a lot in our house to have them eat at 5. It makes me feel a bit crappy because we don’t have family meal times. But will work towards that. Thank you for commenting!

  3. Wow this is amazing. We normally leave the house around 7:45 or 8,because Princess has breakfast at school at 8:30 and my work used to start at 8:30. Great routine Cherralle.

  4. I try be awake at least 15min before the entire house as this gives me the added necessary edge to get us all out the house in one piece!

  5. Wellllll…you know how I feel about routine😉 but I am definitely way more relaxed on weekends except when I can see Troll needs to go to bed already.
    Sadly school times vary. I also started school at 8am BUT get this Dudie’s school starts at 07:20 every day😮
    We also do as much as possible the night before so there is no running around for sports kits in the morning. Saves us time and my sanity.

    1. 7.20 am wow that’s early!! I know you are passionate about your routine. Thank you for commenting.

  6. I find just doing lunch boxes the night before really saves on time, even when I think: But it only takes me 5 minutes in the morning…that’s 5 minutes I could use to be drinking my coffee! Great tips

    1. Indeed 5 minutes can make a real difference in the morning! Thank you for popping by

    2. Definitely those extra few minutes I find is GOLDEN! Thank you for commenting 🙂

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