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We Invested In Training Our Nanny, And This Is How It Helped Us

Training your nanny

This post was created in Collaboration with Super Nannies. All views are my own and is based on my personal experience with Super Nannies.

A nanny will be one of the important people in our children’s lives. Therefore, it was a no-brainer  for me to invest in training our nanny.

When I think about any person who employed even in a work context, I want to ensure this person has the right training and onboarding. So why would I NOT do the same for the person who will be taking care of my children?

Sending our Nanny (let’s call her Sandra) on a nanny training course was an entirely natural thing for me to do. I wanted her to feel enabled, empowered and confident in her role. It also helped me to become a little more comfortable to leave my baby with a nanny as I returned to work.

I found Super Nannies online and we sent our then domestic worker to the Comprehensive nanny training when my eldest was a newborn (who is turning FIVE in two months WHAT!!).

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We Invested In Training Our Nanny, And This Is How It Helped Us

1. Empowerment

Our nanny felt empowered as she had more insights now into raising a little baby. They taught her how to stimulate our little one and how to maintain the health, safety, and hygienic environment for our baby.

2. Communication

It opened up the doors of communication so that we can discuss what she may have perceived as okay and acceptable, however may not be for us.

We are all different and raise our children differently (Sandra is a parent too). So it created a foundation for our nanny and myself to talk openly about HOW I want her to take care of my child.

We still have issues and miscommunications that happen (even now) however we can work through them.

3. Development skills

Sandra learned how to stimulate our little baby, and I was comfortable knowing that she was in good hands. She started observing me and helping me with small tasks since my first daughter was born. So she could bring home her ideas from the course and share them with me.

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4. Safety and First Aid

Exposure to basic first aid is important. The comprehensive course covers First Aid, CPR and handling childhood emergencies.

5. The importance of balancing cleaning the house and taking care of our baby

Balancing housework and the baby’s needs is a discussion point that must be discussed between the Nanny and Parents. The way I approach our relationship is that seeing to our child (now children) comes first. Although it is a balanced approach.

Throughout the programme I received an email summarizing what Sandra had learnt each week.

Where are we now?

Currently, our nanny has been with us full time for four years looking after my two girls aged one and four. In building our relationship, there has been a lot of ups and downs (as any relationship we have in life). However, her role in our family is built on a solid foundation. Part of creating the foundation was to empower her through Nanny Training.


Visit the Super Nannies website to learn more about their training programmes and Nanny Placement Services.

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