You worked so hard this week! 5 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself over the Weekend

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You get to the end of the week, and all you want is to collapse on the couch and do the bare minimum.  Do you remember when Friday nights became ‘rest night‘? Somewhere in my early to mid-twenties for me. The thought of going home and doing nothing on a  Friday night is so freaking exciting!

When the weekend approaches, and you had a hectic week it’s easy to do just let the weekend run away with you, without really resting or having fun.

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Here are a few simple ways to treat  yourself over the weekend

Do something unproductive just because

Not everything that we do have to be linked to being productive. Do a series marathon (Greys anyone?), go for a walk, draw, anything. Just enjoy yourself. I am experiencing a time crunch with my studies, work, life, blog. Each free moment is planned for. You know what, sometimes its okay to just be and throw out the planner.

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Leave space on the weekend to just enjoy being home

Keep your weekend somewhat open so you can just relax and enjoy. Often we over schedule our weekends and do not rest at all. You need to use the word ‘no’ at times.  By saying no to things, you are in fact saying yes to yourself.

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I find that as it gets difficult to travel and go anywhere with the two children, what with baby bags and routines. It is easier just to stay home. Where they cannot run away. Crawl away. Or throw public tantrums. Just stay put in a manageable environment. However, we do make time for special outings and visiting friends.

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Pick a place you have never been

Google your area, and find palace you have never been and go there. Sometimes its good to just focus and be present in your surroundings. You don’t need to go very far. Just explore your town. I LOVE stationery and bookshops so I will find one anywhere.  I can spend hours in a stationery shop, the amount of notebooks and stationery I actually buy, is gets out of control at times. However, how am I supposed to write in only one color? No,  I need 10 colours.

Unplug from work and your phone

Turn off those emails and disconnect from work. Weekends are a time for relaxation and to recharge. The best thing for me is to leave my phone in another room for blocks oftime, so I don’t get distracted by it.

Hide from the kids

Yes I do, I admit I do. This is my moments of peace, whether the kids nap or not. I need my 30 min – 1 hour of peace during the weekend where I hide and read (or whatever).

You don’t need to read; you can do anything you want when you hide from the kids. Just find the right space to hide. The number one rule is to just act casual, like it is just another Saturday afternoon.

The key is to have them engrossed in something  together then slip away silently. Only do it if there is an adult present to look after the children you are hiding from OK!

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I realised  that with kids the bulk of the weekend is all about them and I need to carve out a some time to step away when I can. For my own sanity.

What do you do when you had a hectic week?

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11 thoughts on “You worked so hard this week! 5 Easy Ways to Treat Yourself over the Weekend”

  1. Totally love this and agree. Need to look at implementation this week has been Soooo amazing in terms of switching of but you have some great ideas I hadn’t thought of! Thanks for sharing

  2. I think that hide from the kids is the best idea!😂 But honestly, we are an outdoor family so each time I planning to have an alone time while my husband take our daughter for a hike on the mountain I always change my mind. But escaping to a day spa doesnt sound bad now…

  3. Disconnecting from everything is really important so you can recharge. i love the idea of just being there not having to do everything we have to do all the time. I also love exploring new places, it keeps life exciting and new, which always helps with your perspective and outlook. Great post!

  4. I hide from our kids all the time when my husband is home. I also have been known to sit in the closet and eat chocolate too 🙂 It is so important to take time to just relax and unwind from the week! Our Friday night thing has been the high school football games and then on Saturday evenings we light up the fire pit and make smores.

  5. This is such a great post! They are simple things that people can do, and they’re rewarding. staying at home can really recharge you!

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