22 Things I Really Want for Christmas (as a Mom)

what I want for christmas as a mom

I love the December holidays.

It’s festive. It’s my birthday month. It’s sunny. Warm. And all round a fabulous time of year.

However, I will admit, it can get quite busy with the kids (I have two beautiful daughters, and I wrote here  about why we are only having two kids). 

I am always very grateful for any gift I receive.

And yes, I want my friends and family to be healthy, happy, blessed and all those good things.

However, I am playing open cards with you now. Here is what I really want for Christmas (keeping in mind I am an introverted soul).

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Here  is what I really want for Christmas (as a  mom)


christmas socks

  1. Someone to come clean my house during the holidays (we manage though)
  2. Someone to pack my cupboards right.
  3. Someone else to cook Christmas lunch.
  4. Someone else to brave the shops to do Christmas shopping.
  5. A day alone. To read a book cover to cover in one day.
  6. A morning alone to sleep in. How does it feel to sleep until you naturally wake up? A faint memory of years gone by. [bctt tweet=”What I really want for Christmas. To sleep in! A faint memory of years gone by #momlife ” username=”cherralle_”]
  7. A pre-schooler who bathes without making a scene (since she turned one years old, this is just how it is for the last three years).
  8. To finish a cup of coffee without it getting cold.
  9. A massage.
  10. A hair treatment.
  11. A cooked meal every now and then over the holidays – where I don’t need to cook or clean the kitchen.
  12. Someone to teach me how to use make up properly
  13. A variety of snacks that is just for me, that I don’t need to share with anybody. I wrote here how important snacks are in my life and other parenting double standards.
  14. Cute but practical Pyjamas. Come on, who does not like pyjamas!
  15. Cute socks. Come on, you know you like cute socks too!
  16. A Voucher from my husband that runs for  year. The voucher gets me coffee in bed each morning – no questions asked (I do have this now and would like it to continue). One can really get creative with a personal voucher, you can ask for all sorts of things.
  17. Randomly tell me ‘wow there is something about you, you look so beautiful’ – at least once a day. This can be another voucher as per #16
  18. No hosting of anything. I am just ‘mom’ tired right now. I will use the ‘I have two kids under five’ card. Not sure if that’s a thing but I am playing this card. I know you get ‘two under three’ – but two under five must also be a thing. If not, I have declared it is a thing.
  19. A picnic in the garden (restaurants are not working out right now with two. Again playing the same card as #18).
  20. An afternoon nap with my girls in my bed.
  21. Watching my girls enjoy each others company and laugh out loud together. I was reminded in this post from Mom of Two Little Girls how quickly these special years fly by.
  22.  Watching my husband and my two girls play. Then I sneak off to have a moment alone, until they realise I am missing after five minutes and come find  me. (But i secretly like it when they come look for me and follow me around the house).  The three of them make me proud in little ways.

Whatever happens over the Christmas holidays, remember to value the special time with your loved ones. Material things can be replaced. Special time with your loved ones is the true gift.

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 Tell me in the comments below, what are you looking forward to most this Christmas?

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11 thoughts on “22 Things I Really Want for Christmas (as a Mom)”

  1. Wow I did not expect to read that. Such thoughtful but real Mom needs gifts. I could totally do with all those things. I would just want to stop the clock for the day I spend reading….. or else my to do list tomorrow will be too crazy 😜

  2. I love this list and I hope you get to tick it all off. I do dread the festive season purely on the cleaning part.
    You are most definitely allowed to use that card and adapt as you go along. I see I may need to do some extra reading re:parent snacks

  3. Goals….sleeping in…how even? I guess I’ll have to wait until the boys move out of the house. LOL
    It is a very realistic list you have though…Did you give it to your other half, so that HE knows what you want?

    1. Just one day i think. TBH I do prefer an early start most days as well. Thank you for commenting.

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