Why Quality Time Beats Quantity (Plus Everyday Mommy Daughter Date Ideas)

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I had this elaborate blog post planned in my head about beautiful and unusual mother-daughter ‘date ideas’.

When I sat down and started writing, I realised that there is nothing fancy about the best moments I share with my girls.

Our lives are pretty predictable, simple and that is how we like it.[bctt tweet=”There is nothing fancy about the best moments I share with my girls.” username=”cherralle_”]

I am not racking up hours with my children during the week, and I am okay with that. As a working mom I need to make the best of the time I do have.

When I get home in the evening after work, this is REAL QUALITY time. It may only be an hour or so, but it is one pure hour dedicated to my daughters ONLY.

I am connecting with the two of them:

No social media.

Talking to them.

Reading stories.

We play music; we dance, we sing.

We jump on the bed. Whatever, that time is OURS.

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One on one time

Within any family, there is a group dynamic. There is either the shy one or the dramatic one, and that impacts how we engage in a group. Therefore, one on one time is imperative. In many cases, by having one on one time, you connect on a deeper level with your child.

With a one-year-old (Miss A) and a four-year-old (Miss C), it is easy for all attention to go onto the little one automatically as that is how it is right now.

Here are some every day mommy-daughter moments which can be done one one or if you have more than one!

Here are  10 Everyday Mommy Daughter Moments or Mommy Daughter Date Ideas, whatever

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Everyday home life

To me, the ‘everyday moments’ is quality time. When I am in the kitchen in the morning chatting with my Four-Year-Old  about her school lunch that is quality time. Which is always a bad idea as she always has concerns about what I am packing for her lunch.

Another ‘bad idea’ is when she is helping me make our beds on a Saturday morning. Also turns out to be a pretty unproductive exercise most times. Nonetheless, it is ours.

Visit the library

Visiting the library is simple,  free, fun and educational. The best part is that it is easy to start a routine. Once you take out a book, you are obligated to return to it (rocket science!). Before you know it, you have built a habit of library visits.

I think it also depends on the child if this is their scene but worth a shot!

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Homemade pedicures and manicures

The sweetest mommy daughter dates are ‘girly’ activities. The girls and I received a pretty Barbie hamper. Included was a range of Barbie nail polishes in cute pastel colours. So we did a little pedicure with Miss C. We also have matching cups which is so cute!

I love being a girl mom, can you tell?

Check out the Barbie Facebook Page to stay in the loop of how to keep little girls inspired!

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Fake facials

When I do my face masks I also make one for Miss C. So I take our Epimax  moisturizer, and I decant a generous amount into one of my (pretty) empty moisturizer jars. Then add a few stickers on it. Miss C has her personalised face mask / and face cream and bob’s your uncle.

Miss C thinks she is getting a face mask with mommy’ creams.

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Turn off the TV

TV on = Watching TV not talking.

TV off = engage and talk.

When the TV is off, it creates a natural space for conversation and engagement. Sometimes, I don’t want to talk, and I do put the TV on. I do keep a check on myself and try to limit screen time where I can.

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Cuddle and Watch a movie

TV is not all bad! A movie on the weekend is a great way to connect.

Baking together

We love baking! At the moment I enjoy the premixes because one it is much more straightforward for me to whip up some baked goodies. And two I am just a bit lazy in the kitchen and need all the help I can get. Using premixes takes the pressure off.  Premixes are failproof!

Cooking together

It might double the time it takes to get any food to the table, but sometimes it is worth it. Plus, the food is much more likely to be eaten by our children if they assist in the cooking.

Picnic in the garden

Throw a picnic blanket on the floor or the garden, and you can have a fun picnic. Always a good option with the girls on the weekend.

Chats before bed

Never underestimate the value of connecting at bedtime. We are running around from one thing to the next, one chore to the next. When I place Miss C in bed, and I lay next to her and we slow down. I ask: What made you smile today. What made you sad today? What made you angry? I get asked the same questions! And if I answer and its deemed not good enough I have to think up another answer.

Make the moments you have count. No need to do anything extravagant.

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  1. I loved reading this because I can so relate. The quality time we spend together is not spent with lavish surroundings at the perfect place with the perfect clothing. It’s mostly done at home, in our own private spaces and it happens naturally.

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