{Working Mom Hack} 7 Tips to Get More Time for Yourself and Your Family

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Being a working parent, I am always looking for ways to maximize time with the family and for myself. In between the morning rush, getting to work, and then running out the door at 17h00. The week is just madness.

Here are seven tips that help might just help you!

1. Grocery Shopping

Try to do as much of your grocery shopping during the week when possible or online. This will save the pain of having to take your Saturday morning to have to do your top up. Grocery shopping on the weekend is my pet peeve because it takes so much time and I feel that it ‘eats’ into my weekend time.

2. Do as much shopping as you can online

Following on from above, do as much  your shopping online if you can. Nappies, milk, meals, gifts, kids clothes, books. My favourite online shops are Woolworths, Takealot, Spree, and Zando.

3. Lower your cleaning standards; there is no ‘clean house police.’

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I am sorry, but I am not going to spend my weekend cleaning the whole day. Of course, keep your home in a liveable and relatively tidy state. Tidy enough so that if you have an expected visitor, you can quickly clean it in five minutes flat. Seriously the ‘house cleaning police’ are not coming. Yes, I am blessed as I have a nanny who also tidies in the week. With kids, this is a constant issue though. I promise the house is a mess on a Saturday morning. When you have spare time on the weekend, don’t clean. Just relax, read a book, do a fun activity with the kids, talk to your husband, do anything just stop cleaning. If cleaning relaxes you then, by all means, whip out the mop.

4. Cook bulk meals where possible

Try to do at least one or two bulk meals on the weekend. Even if you don’t cook, at least do as much of your preparation on the weekend. I try to cook at least two to three nights worth of dinners on the weekend, and it makes a huge difference. Some weekends I am not cooking, and am just chilling though (see the previous point!).

5. Still get your hair and nails done -but after hours

At one stage I was going to a hairdresser on my way to work where I could pop in at 7 am or after hours, and it was on my way to work. HEAVEN! I did not need to take any extra time as it was just about carving out that extra 30 – 45 minutes to get there. Ask your hairdresser or nail technician if they can accommodate special hours, just ask, a lot of salons are willing to go the extra mile and do this.

6. Block your diary

Blocking out two to three hours a day has changed my working life as I was being swept away in meetings. Blocking my dairy each day helps me have a productive time in the day where I can focus on getting things done. This means that I can manage to leave work at a decent time most days (this is an ongoing work in progress for me).

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7. Work out a routine for your family

Did I ever mention how much I love early bedtimes? For the kids, not for me 🙂 I do need my space for a few hours in the evening to just chill out. Let’s be honest; do parents need the routine more than kids do? I think there are strong arguments for that. With my second daughter we are a bit lose on the routine, but she is perfectly fine and still sleeps decent at night! Figure out what your family needs are and go with that. Herewith an article from Quick and Dirty Tips on how to set up a family routine to simplify your life if you are interested.

Take care of yourself, as a parent you have many demands on you, work, life, family. Its important to carve time out for yourself too. This post is titled, tips for finding time for your yourself and your family.

What are your time saving tips?

Author: Cherralle

Mom, wife and career loving parent. This blog focus on career and work life topics for mothers.

14 thoughts on “{Working Mom Hack} 7 Tips to Get More Time for Yourself and Your Family”

  1. Thanks for the lovely morning read :-). I was specifically drawn to point number 4, “Cook bulk meals where possible” and would love to hear more about how you do that perhaps in another post as that as this is something I struggle with. I’d love to try it out but I never know what kind of meals to make and how to store it etc..

    1. hi Tracy. Me a post about cooking, that will really be a stretch. Maybe 🙂 i tend to make freezer friendly meals (which is easy in winter). Curries, stews, bobotie, soups, that type of stuff.

  2. Cherralle! I love these! We also try to do some bulk cooking, love that your house isnt always clean and these tips are awesome. I will for sure be trying some of them! Thanks for sharing. You should share with us what meals you make as well. For some ideas! LOL (lazy mom over here!)

    1. Thank you for commenting Thehe meals. LOL. Its stews, curries, boboties. Nothing fancy. Maybe I will do a post on meals one day…:)

  3. Nothing worse than spending your weekend doing house work and groceries. I need to get better about ordering groceries on line. Not sure why I have resisted that one! When all those nonperishables are being shipped to the grocery stores already… I hadn’t really thought it thru till now! so thanks. it was a useful post 🙂

  4. This is great! I love your tips! I’m not a working mom, but I think these tips can go for stay at home moms, too. My biggest thing after my son was born was finding a way to create a routine. When we finally got to that place, my life got so much easier!

    I’m hoping to start cooking ahead or at least doing more meal prep/planning for the week so I can avoid last-minute scrounging around the kitchen to decide what we’ll eat. Thanks for sharing your tips!

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