Bye Bye Mommy Mom Guilt – Benefits of Being a Working Mother

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I was coming home from work late one evening. I arrived home and both children were already asleep. And I felt so guilty for not seeing my children that evening. Needing to remind myself of the benefits of being a working mother has come important.

The never ending mommy guilt. Do you feel guilty all the time?

Guilty for not being the one to take my daughter to the doctor when she is sick, guilty for only seeing my children about two – three hours a day in the week (reality for most working moms).

Have you ever sent a sick child to crèche? I have. Guilty.

Ditch the mommy guilt, and let’s focus on the benefits of being a working mother

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Working moms contribute towards gender equality

Having a working mom shows girls and boys that men and women can both contribute in and outside the home.  In fact, a Harvard study has shown that girls grow up to be more open to careers and boys grow up more empathetic and do more housework. For girls and boys, seeing their mom work outside the home embeds in their values that women should have equal access to opportunities. It creates a mental model that woman have choices, and having a career is an option, alongside out other roles. Similarly, when moms work, that means that dads would typically step in more at home. Fathers helping around the house has a significant impact on reducing gender stereotyping regarding what men and women should and should not do.

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Working for what you want in life – work ethic

Having a working mom apply herself to her profession, role models good work ethic in children. It teaches our children that if we want to achieve goals and ambitions, we must put in effort. The best way to encourage our children to work  hard towards their goals is to role model this behaviour.

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It’s called lights

Let’s not forget that as a working mom you also help with the bills. And typically in a home where the mom is working, it is a two income household (not always but typically). A two income family have a higher standard of living, and this positively impacts the lifestyle of the household, i.e. better schools, vacations, more exposure in general. That is a real benefit for the entire family.



Independence in kids

Being a working mom, means that your family time is limited.  And so your children will need to do certain things on their own as they grow up. This does not mean leaving a child to fend for itself, but you know what, the little tasks they will need to sort out for themselves will help them in the long run. Learning to tidy up, make their own snacks and being responsible in different ways.

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At the end of it all, you need to be comfortable with how you are finding your own work life ‘integration’. We are all doing our best to look after our families. I hope the benefits of being a working mother outlines above, helps you to see the other side.

When the guilt comes be kind to yourself, and moms be kind to each other.

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20 thoughts on “Bye Bye Mommy Mom Guilt – Benefits of Being a Working Mother”

  1. Loving these posts! One never looks at the good aspects especially when guilt is involved. The guilt seems to weigh you down some days. Also sent sick kids to school (covers eyes).

  2. I can imagine its a hard balance being a working mum having to work and look after children. I think all working parents should be commended and I know from a lot of my friends that you aren’t alone in how you feel guilt wise. Thanks for posting.

  3. Its really hard trying to find a balance isnt it but i think deep down we are all just doing our best and trying to get through it day by day 🙂

  4. Love this post. It’s nice to read some facts and positives. Let’s be honest Mum guilt comes as standard so I think whatever we do however we parent we should support one another.

  5. I know this feeling of guilt well! But I agree that there are so many positive things about being a working mom and a role model for our kids.

  6. Love the post. As a working mom myself it is extremely hard and it seems as if there is just not enough hours in the day to do everything. The guilt does get to me sometimes but then I think about the positives of working and how it benefits our family life.

  7. I feel the guilt as well, seems like it is never enough time for the working moms. But we should’ve feel guilt for providing for our family. I agree we should feel very proud. Thanks for that post, I truly needed that at the of this long Monday.

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