5 Things that I had to get over when becoming a mom


Staying somewhat sane with two kids and a demanding job, requires using my energy wisely, patience and lots of it. My time at home is always focused on: feeding, bathing, cleaning up and making snacks. That’s it. Those are the 4 things that I am doing at any given time at home.  Being a mom is the most rewarding aspect of my life, and there certain things I have come to realise  I just needed to get over.

These are 5 things that I just had to get over when becoming a mom

#1. NO more sleeping in

Yip not an option any more. When we had one child, there was always at least one morning on a weekend where my husband would take care of my daughter  and I could catch an extra hour of sleep until 7am on a weekend. Yip 7 am was sleeping in. Now 7 am is also gone. Forever.

#2. Actually eating at a restaurant

When we get invited to lunch to a place that is not ‘family friendly’ (i.e. no play area) I prepare a game plan which could consist out: LeapPad, colouring book, Showmax on standby, a getaway plan, etc. Come on guys, we need a play area.

#3. Planning a family holiday, sigh…

When planning a trip with the kids, forget about the cute little romantic bed & breakfasts of your youthful past, you need to find a practical self catering unit. You need access to a kitchen to prepare the never ending meals and snacks and enough space for play time, and a washing machine. Wait, isn’t this meant to be a holiday?

#4. You will sit, watch, enjoy and discuss ‘my little pony’ with your kid

Forget about Greys and Game of Thrones. You will sit, watch and enjoy, your kids’ shows with them.

#5 I would not trade these things for anything!

Although its super early on a Saturday morning, when my three year old comes to cuddle in our bed, she has this bright happy smile on her face which is priceless. She is happy to see my husband and I in the morning. When we watch her kiddies show together, I like cuddling with her and listening to her laugh at the jokes. It does not matter what we give up when having kids, the rewards are priceless and infinite. And i would not have it any other way. Below is a picture of me and my girls, on a weekend in cape town, in a practical self catering, ground floor unit 🙂


Mom and the girls





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