Moms, Step Up and Take Your Seat at The Table… The Play Table

moms step up

Are you a working mom who is kicking ass and taking names at work? And you are giving your all to make time for your family but you struggle with work life balance? We all know this is not a perfect balance, but we are all doing our best. I have just completed reading Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes. One of the ideas […]

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Bye Bye Mommy Guilt, Why You Should Feel Proud of Being a Working Mom

I was coming home from work late one evening. I arrived home and both children were already asleep. And I felt so guilty for not seeing my children that evening. The never ending guilt.. do you feel guilty all the time? Guilty for not being the one to take my daughter to the doctor when she is sick (the […]

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Life Lately Update and Why I Am Writing a Blog for Working Moms

I started writing on the blog about two months ago, and I wanted to share an update of how this has been going. In this post, I will cover: why i write why i want to write about working moms and their careers currently reading, watching, anticipating and feeling   I write. Writing has given […]

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6 Hacks To Transform Your CV in 20 Minutes

transform and update your cv or resume

So you have not updated your CV in years. This is how you can transform your CV in 20 minutes. By the way update your CV at least every 6 – 12 months, whether you are in the market or not! Here are 6 things you can do now to transform your CV in 20 minutes Ensure […]

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How To Get The Feedback You Need To Ace Your Career Goals

Getting the feedback you need

Did you know that up to 90% of employees hate their ‘annual performance review’? Are you one of them? Feedback is a critical element in developing your career.  Consequently, if you are waiting for your annual review to get feedback, this is not sufficient. Not only are people afraid to ask for feedback, but often people also […]

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Pumping Breast Milk at Work: The Law and What Moms Have To Say

Pumping Breast milk at work

Before I became a mother, I had a limited understanding of breastfeeding women’s needs when they returned to work from maternity. Yes, conceptually I understood it; however, I did not grasp the significance. After I had my first child, I then understood. Although I never pumped breast milk at work, I could empathise entirely. In this post […]

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Up Your LinkedIn Game – 6 Tips for the Savvy Professional

Up your linked in game

Do you only think of LinkedIn as a place for you to dump your CV? Think again. Whether you are looking for work or just wanting to maintain your professional brand, LinkedIn is one of the most important social networking tools for professionals. Have you loaded your profile on LinkedIn  ‘half heartedly’ or  have not yet created one […]

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First time manager? 6 Smart Tips to go from good employee to good manager

Professional woman first time manager 1

So, you were doing well as an individual contributor, and due to your contribution, you were promoted to manager. Congratulations! Being responsible for a team is a whole new ball game, compared to when you were accountable for your individual contributions. Your first promotion to manager can be a sticky time in any career. Here are six […]

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