8 Tricky Interview Questions and How to Knock Them Out the Park

tricky interview questions

Job Interviews can be nerve-wracking and tricky interview questions can make one nervous. Having a solid CV and a decent LinkedIn Profile is what got you the interview, now you need to ace the interview. You do need to allow your unique personality to shine in the interview. However, it will be in your best interest […]

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7 Things To Look For in a Job (besides salary)

woman laptop coffee salary

When looking for a job, salary is a critical element in your decisions making. However, a trend is emerging that people are assessing other features over and above salary. Also, by continuously making decisions based on money as the only driver, it may lead you down a career path that leaves you unfulfilled. Here are […]

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How to Stop Networking And Start Building Relationships

networking Diverse People Friendship Digital Device Copy Space Concept

When I hear the term ‘networking’ I want to run a mile, being naturally an introvert the language creates discomfort. I know that networking is a critical aspect of building my professional and personal network. But I still picture it as an awkward scenario whereby I am standing around making small talk. What helps is when […]

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6 Hacks To Transform Your CV in 20 Minutes

transform and update your cv or resume

So you have not updated your CV in years. This is how you can transform your CV in 20 minutes. By the way update your CV at least every 6 – 12 months, whether you are in the market or not! Here are 6 things you can do now to transform your CV in 20 minutes Ensure […]

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Up Your LinkedIn Game – 6 Tips for the Savvy Professional

Up your linked in game

Do you only think of LinkedIn as a place for you to dump your CV? Think again. Whether you are looking for work or just wanting to maintain your professional brand, LinkedIn is one of the most important social networking tools for professionals. Have you loaded your profile on LinkedIn  ‘half heartedly’ or  have not yet created one […]

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