7 Things To Look For in a Job (besides salary)

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When looking for a job, salary is a critical element in your decisions making. However, a trend is emerging that people are assessing other features over and above salary.

Also, by continuously making decisions based on money as the only driver, it may lead you down a career path that leaves you unfulfilled. Here are seven things to assess when looking at a job.

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7 Things to look for in a job (besides salary)

Opportunity to grow

Understand what prospects the company has for your future growth. Is there an opportunity to grow and expand your skill sets in the role? Are training and development opportunities made available to its employees? Understand the answers to these questions if career growth is important to you.


Does the role allow you an opportunity to work in a flexible way? It is important to have space in your life to work towards your personal goals too. Whether for you it is your role as a parent, volunteerism or your yoga!

 Employee perks

Perks associated with the job can make a significant impact on the overall benefits. Example, daycare, preferential rates, pension funds, etc. Do not underestimate the impact that perks can have on your total package or your lifestyle.

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Company culture

Is the culture friendly, and open? Does it have a small start-up vibe or is it a more corporate environment? Understand where you fit in best and what environment you need to deliver at your best.

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Your team

Who are your colleagues? Are they supportive and engaging? You will be spending up to eight to nine hours a day with your colleagues, make sure you like each other.

Alignment of values

Does the work you align with your value system? You want to see an alignment between your values and that of the company. Walking into a job every day and feeling that you are going against what you stand for is not a way to live and work.

The work is just ‘good fun’

Doing work that you love and excites you is a factor that can sway you towards a particular job. Being engaged, fulfilled and energised doing what you do is an achievement.

Do you know how you know your job is fun? It is when YOU LOVE MONDAYS!

Over to you, is there any factor you believe is essential when evaluating if a job is a fit for you?

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5 thoughts on “7 Things To Look For in a Job (besides salary)”

  1. Yes! So much more to consider than salary. I also think it’s important to assess the person you report to. Are they a good example of a work-life balance? Do they seem energetic, motivating? I’ve read this before and think it’s true for a majority of corporate employees, people work for their managers first, company second.

  2. Great post! I agree that company culture is so important. It’s very important to work in a place that has a culture that aligns with your personal ethics and beliefs.

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