10 things I miss about my life before kids

woman in bed relaxed

I do love my kids with all heart and cannot imagine my life without them. They do drive me crazy  at times. And I will admit to the fact that I do miss my life before kids, if only sometimes. Only a tiny little bit 🙂 Here are the 10 things I miss about life before having kids […]

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To my husband on father’s day

I am always talking about how wonderful and cute my kids are, and so today, for father’s day I want to  dedicate this post to my husband who is kinda awesome too. here goes… When we met I knew you would be an incredible father, although I did not know how much I would love you for it. Even then, you […]

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When I came home with baby number 2

Baby Home

Becoming a mother is exhilarating, wonderful and terrifying at the same time. I know because I have two beautiful daughters. When I had my second baby Ava, it was as magical meeting her for the first time as it was with my eldest Caitlyn.  Although…going home with a new baby the second time around was completely different. The […]

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